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sam fisher is ticked off

posted by dkadklfajd (WARRENTON, VA) Apr 15, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

splinter cell is the best stop reading this reveiw and go buy it aready

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Could have been a 10

posted by Castor833 (PORT HUENEME, CA) Apr 15, 2010

Member since Jan 2005

I believe that the story was too short. My thought is that more attention was paid to the multiplayer portion at the expense of the length. I have no complaints about the gameplay or the story itself beyond the exception already mentioned.

The most difficult part was the last chapter where stealth was in short supply. I was unable to find alt routes to get to the objective and HAD to do battle.

All in all a great addition and I hope we have another one sooner than several years from now.

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Very Good

Different than older versions...but good

posted by dukenukem1 (GOSHEN, IN) Apr 15, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

If you are a splinter cell traditionalist then this game is gonna be a kick in the jewels for you. This is because they have taken away many things that made splinter cell what it is today. There is no more hiding bodies or picking locks, and if the AI spots you the mission is not a lost cause. Actually if the AI spots you it enables you to use your last location as a decoy and flank them. Making for some pretty sweet mark and execute moves.

This is a new sam fisher, a faster and more efficient Sam Fisher. Your character is much quicker and much more ferocious than older games. Nothing like running up on someone and blowing out there kneecap then snappin their neck. Did i mention this game was good and violent?

The graphics in this game are top notch and the plot is excellent. But it did feel like more of an action game than a Splinter Cell game. You are able to blast through levels if you want, or you can take the stealthier approach to a level. Stealthy strategies are rewarded much more heavily than blasting through the level, so there is an incentive to sneak around. However I like that it caters to both styles of gaming. Like i said in the title, its different but I kind of like the changes. I like that i dont have to spend large amounts of time hiding bodies, i appreciate the realism but it got old. You are able to move from cover to cover like most other 3rd person games. And in this one you are able to ambush enemies with ease by using your last known location as bait. I give this game an 8 because the multiplayer only had one mode to it, but the campaign was AWESOME. Different style and feel, but not a difference that i hated.

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