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Splinter cell conviction

posted by Adabunki (OVIEDO, FL) Jun 27, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

14 out of 15 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

As the splinter cells have gotten better and better after each release (with the exception of DA), this one is no different. It brings a whole new set of ability's and gadgets to the table. The enemy AI are much smarter than the previous titles and will not give up a search after they find a body. Splinter cell conviction also brings the 'mark and execute' game-play (also found in Red Dead redemption). With this tool, players can mark up to six targets (you get more markers from upgrading weapons), and completely blast them away like a real rouge agent should. Weapons play a large role in Conviction. After you pick up an enemy weapon, you can equip it at weapon stations (found throughout the game). Then, using points from achieving challenges, you can upgrade weapons with scopes, extra mags and silencers. the selection and possibilities and huge.

Although Splinter Cell Conviction has all of these great qualities, it also has some bad ones. I always thought that splinter cell was a language free game. Yes there were the occasional swears, but no heavy ones. That began to change in Chaos theory... and it is far worse in Conviction. Enemies will throw many Fs out there when angered. There are some quite bloody and brutal interrogation scenes (although I like them) Many parents would not. There are a few drug and sexual references, but there are very few and usually only show in conversation. The campaign is very action packed and the story is far by the best in any SC, but it is incredibly short (I beat it in 5 hours) but this was on the easiest difficulty, and the others would take up to 10-15 hours to complete.

One more mode made up for all of these drawbacks, the co-op. This mode has all the same qualities as the first list, and goes beyond. I won't tell you anything else, you'll have to explore it for yourself :)

I hope this review was helpful. Out of ten, this game gets a 9.0

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What's Different About This Game...

posted by TheFacts82 (CALERA, AL) Feb 16, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

13 out of 14 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Here are the key differences in the new Splinter Cell:

- When hiding in the dark, everything becomes black & white. I prefer
color myself, but some may find this new mechanic interesting.
Enemies and interactable objects remain in color making them easy
to spot.

- Many of the old gadgets we all have come to love are gone or
modified. Gone are the sticky shockers, airfoil rounds, wall mines,
gas grenades, the ability to whistle (my fav), smoke bombs, etc.
The only gadgets you have to work with this time around are frag
grenades, EMP grenades, remote mines, flashbangs, sticky cameras,
and a personal emp device that stuns enemies and blacks out lights
for a few seconds in your personal vincinity.

- No longer can you pick up a body and move it to a location of your
choice. Although you can take an enemy hostage then knock him out
in a dark area basically hiding the body. And yes, contrary to other
reviews the other enemies do freak out when they see a fallen
comrade and will begin to look for you.

- In the single player campaign you will not even get the iconic night
vision goggles until late in the game. Thermal vision is also gone.

- No longer will you use a PDA to check mission objectives as they are
now plastered on the walls. It makes the game a little less realistic
but you will never be left wondering what to do.

- Some have said stealth is dead in this game, but not so. It is simply
harder. There are times in the story mode where you are expected
to get in a firefight but most of the game can be completed stealthily.

- Execution is a new mechanic added and is very fun in my opinion.
You mark targets and hit Y, then killshot each one.

- After finishing the story, there is a co-op story with different maps,
also you can play the co-op maps by yourself with bad guys randomly placed, with several different game modes. I decided to buy, and having been playing every night :)

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Splinter Cell Conviction is worth your time

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Apr 15, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2009

93 out of 108 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

While it was apparent from the demo that many long time SC fans would not be impressed by Conviction, for the rest of us this game is pretty close to amazing. Since the single player campaign is somewhat short, it is totally feasible to complete the entire thing in one sitting, and trust me, you will probably end up doing just that without even planning on it. The story is engaging and the gameplay is fun and varied. You can choose to tackle Conviction from the shadows by shooting out light sources, memorizing enemy movement patterns and taking them out before they even know what is hitting them. Conversely, while you can't necessarily run-n-gun you can play Conviction as less tactical third-person-cover-system-shooter. I prefer to use pistols, in fact, I rarely use anything else. If you ramp up the difficulty to Realistic you are better off using a more stealthy approach but either way tactics are a must.

Coop is where Conviction really earns its keep. I feel like this game was meant to be coop'd. I wish they would come out with a patch so we could play the single player campaign in coop (yes, it's that much fun when you bring a friend along). At any difficulty level it helps to coordinate efforts and have a plan of action. The game won't let you get too far away from your partner so you should always be able to get back to him to revive him or offer other forms of support. The coop campaign is also rather short but fortunately Conviction offers more than one coop game mode. Ultimately, if you add up all of Conviction's game modes nobody should really be faulting Ubi for making this game too short.
In all, I do not blame long time SC fans for feeling let down by the direction Conviction has gone, but do not believe everything the naysayers claim. The graphics are really nice and the black & white effect does not affect the picture quality. I have noticed a few frame rate issues but nothing major.

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