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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory


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Also on:GC, Xbox, PS2
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posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) May 2, 2007

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This is a decent port of a major-console title onto the DS. The graphics are solid (of course they're not near on par with the xbox or ps2 but still, sam does look good on the ds), the gameplay itself is solid - what is not solid is the controls. I am a left handed person, and I really hate that the D-PAD is used to control/move sam, and the stylus is how you switch camera, while at the same time using the buttons (sometimes 2 or 3 at a time) to perform various actions - that is a bit much for a control scheme, and something a little bit on the simple side would have worked much better. But overall, this is a decent game. It is not for kids at all, in the sense that you perform espionage-type tactics, you have to think a lot more than you can run-and-gun, and for people who appreciate strategy-action-warfare will like this game a lot. Everyone else will probably consider it a failed effort. Decent, not bad, but not great either. C +

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Above Average

good but not great

posted by VGguy1 (LEHI, UT) Sep 26, 2006

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i rented this game because i love action-type strategy games, this game was good but i am still playing it as i write this review, i don't plan on keeping it or beating it but it wasn't a waste of a rental

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Fun but not alot of fun

posted by smalowman (ACTON, MA) Aug 6, 2007

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To keep this review short ill make a quick list of the pros and cons.

-Graphics are descent
-Has some of the same plot as the console versions
-Stylus controls work well for camera movement and aiming
-Is not too short
-Keeps the splinter cell feel of stealth
-New throught slitting move
-Good music and sound effects
-Very cheap now that it is very old

-Poor voice acting when there is some because most is just text
-AI is horrible
-Frame rate stinks when using special vision modes
-Level design is very odd most times like random passages holes and vents
-Game is very dull and sufffers because of lack of detail
-Button controls seem misplaced and confusing
-Started the idea that Ubisoft could port anything to any system. WRONG!

Overall- This game is fun but only if you can get over some downsides. I own it and I play it now and then but only in short bursts. Mainly if you want some violent stealth action for a cheap price buy it but if your not sure its worth a rent.

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