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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Taking lights out silently

To take out lights silently, first OCP the light, then shoot it instantly.

Alternate dialogue

When you just see Otomo try to commit suicide, Lambert will radio you and say something. If playing under the normal difficulty setting he will say something similar to "Otomo just tried to commit sepuku. Get in there and revive him". However, if you complete the game under hard difficulty, Sam will say something similar to "Looks like someone feels a bit too good about himself". However, all the objectives will remain the same.

Catching Shetland

Have your sniper zoomed-in on the guard. When there is a fight, shoot, run, and catch Shetland. Then, end the mission.

Bathhouse Alternate shetland death

At the end of the level, Shetland and Sam will be on top of a roof with their guns pointed at each other. After a short conversation, Shetland will put his gun away and say "You wouldn't shoot an old friend". You are given a choice, shoot or put your gun away. If you shoot, Shetland will stumble backwards and the intermission sequence for the level's ending will play. However if you put your gun away, Shetland will quickly pull his gun out and point it at Sam. Sam will duck his weapon and stab Shetland in the stomach before throwing him. This will then start the same ending sequence.

Lighthouse Get rid of the enemy on the top

To get rid of the enemy on the top of the lighthouse, hang along the edge of the lighthouse. Get underneath him and select the command "Grab NPC". Sam Fisher will grab and throw him off the edge. From here you can watch him scream and fall to his death.

Panama Never set off alarms

When you are close to the part with the lasers, go down there and set off one alarm. Kill all the people. When you cross the lasers, you will not set off another alarm. You can now finish the mission without setting the alarms off when crossing the lasers.

Seoul Original Splinter Cell music

When you begin the level, you are in a child's room. Immediately exit the room and go to the right. When you reach the end of the hall, in which the walls are blown away, turn to the right and enter a half-destroyed room. There should be a radio inside. Turn it on, and it will play the same music from the cafe from where you started near the Chinese Embassy 2 level on the original Splinter Cell.


If you move around with your gun drawn, the noise meter will not move. This is very useful when sneaking up on someone quickly.