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The Splinter Cell I grew up on...

posted by Mr_Freshmaker (TEMECULA, CA) Apr 9, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I've been waiting for a Splinter Cell (SC) game that would have me hooked since the original Xbox SC trilogy. If you've been waiting for and SC game like the original this is the one you should pick up. If you're into stealth games, don't skip out on playing this game.

First off, this game looks amazing. I haven't been jaded by the Next Gen consoles yet. I have both the PS4 and XB1 and the graphics are more polished on these systems but the gameplay isn't caught up to the hardware capability, probably won't be for years. This game seems like it pushes the PS3's graphic capabilities, lighting and textures. There is a bit of screen tear but it doesn't affect the overall game.

The gameplay is what you expect from an SC game. It is more forgiving than SC Double Agent and SC Conviction. Both were good inductions to the current gen consoles. Blacklist makes you feel Sam Fisher is a more than capable spy, especially when you begin to unlock gadgets, spy suits, and weapons.

The enemy AI runs on predictable patterns when you haven't been spotted on easy and normal modes. I have yet to play on expert and realistic to see how their patrol patterns differ (due to wanting to complete the game and get my next rental). I enjoyed using the human shield component when I caught a guard slipping. Giving you two choices, you can simply knock him out or kill him. I can't recall the previous SC games if they included the human shield option.

Some people complained that there was no stealth meter. The goggles and suit light up when you're in the shadows. The enemy has a visual meter that fills up from white to red (you are seen). Noise is determined by your spy suit which you can purchase in game. Spy suits can be armored but not great on stealth or stealth but not great on armor. The goggle and suit flare is a pretty good in game mechanic to me rather than keeping and eye on the HUD for stealth.

My gripes would be being able to actually destroy ALL artificial light

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posted by rub51 (ROWLESBURG, WV) Mar 19, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

we never did receive it and would like to get it again

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Embrace the Change.

posted by SportsGuru12146 (DAVIDSON, NC) Mar 11, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

When you think about change you think bad because nothing that changes is good am I right? We get so caught up in what we've always done that we grow to hate change. In splinter cell: blacklist Change is a great thing. So much has changed. The voice, controls, visual, game play, characters, relationships, story but in reality nothing has changed. You can still play the game and be completely stealthy at all times or you can run around and shoot em up right in front of their eyes. It feel's fresh, you get rewarded for specific action's you do in the form of compensation which turns into bigger and better gear. The story feel's complete. Sam Fisher is as always awesome and I absolutely applaud ubisoft for the risk because it rewarded me....the gamer. I will admit that my only complaint is when you shoot some guy in the head 4 times he should die, but there's so much great about this game it's hardly an issue.

My Rating for this game is 9/10

P.S This was my first game I got from gamefly. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the excellent service so far. I live in N.C, the game got to me in 3 days, never froze, I enjoyed, and it is now on it's way back to Pittsburgh.

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