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Great game poorly executed

posted by Bucksrock (PATASKALA, OH) Nov 16, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

The gameplay (graphics, storyline, action) are all excellent...........when it works! Unfortunately I wanted to throw my ps3 through the window due to freezing (during play and loading/saving). Fortunately the ps3 gets to live because forums point to 360 and PC problems too! So sad as it should be 8-9 rating IMO.

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Very cool gameplay but a little too hard.

posted by Acanders (CENTERTON, AR) Jan 27, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I truly enjoy the Splinter Cell franchises. Up until this one I have always found the game challenging, yet possible. I couldn't get used to the controls which made it less appealing but manageable. However by far the worst part about the game wasn't that it was too difficult or that the controls sucked, but that if you failed the mission there weren't any checkpoints you just had to start the ENTIRE mission all over again. Which is extremely frustrating if you keep failing the mission at the very end of completion. For example after completing 2 of the 3 waypoints I still had to start completely all over again.

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posted by thefury10 (OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) Aug 27, 2013

Member since Mar 2009

Blacklist was a game I was really excited for. Splinter Cells, Hitmans, and MGS series' are my favorites. And it has been a while since the last Splinter Cell. This one falls flat of being any a worthwhile purchase. The singleplayer is still fun and a lot like Conviction's with the mark and execute but it is nowhere near as good. The story is terrible and the characters are god awful. The level design is boring and you don't get excited to be any place. I'd describe this game as inconsistent. The characters don't act like real people towards each other would really act and I honestly didn't like a single main character. Even Sam Fisher becomes an irrational jerk out of nowhere. The controls are horrible. Sometimes I had to press the same button 3 or 4 times to initiate a move. The AI makes not a whole lot of sense. You can use a drone to fly and stun people. But if they see that, even if you are on the opposite side of the room as the drone they're paying attention to, they will somehow immediately know where you are. Along with that, the single player doesn't do a whole lot to make you feel like an awesome spy/hero. You can't even one on one CQC anyone anymore. They just push you back if they know you're about to fight them. Theres more coop missions than Conviction (although the missions are more bland and they even rip off Call of Duty in one) and the Mercs vs Spies returns and is so much fun. It is a huge step down from the last Splinter Cell. Not even to mention the fact that they replaced Michael Ironside, the voice of Sam Fisher since the beginning. They replaced him to get the same guy to do the mocap and voice over work. I remember only a couple of times where I thought maybe they would have even needed mocap. The new guy is not bad by any means but hes not great. He doesn't give you a star/hero feeling like Ironside did. I wouldn't say avoid this one, but I definitely wouldn't say buy if you're a long time Splinter Cell Fan. Worth a rent.

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