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Very Good

Brings Back the Genre with a Bang

posted by xxChaosFactorx (UNION, MO) Mar 19, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Splinter Cell Blacklist is a great game, but it does have some minor flaws that bring the experience down. First of all, the gameplay is amazingly satisfying but only at certain times. There was many a times that I found the controls to be clunky or non reliable. I would go to press one button to do one thing, but because there are multiple actions mapped to one button, he would do something I didn't want him to do. The level design was pretty good, but I feel like the "hidden" passages weren't so hidden. Then the story, it's nothing compared to conviction. It would of been nice to have a meaningful reason to be kill, kill, killing people all over the place. None of these things really kill the experience for me, they just got under my skin a little bit. Also they brought back the Spys vs. Mercs multiplayer mode which is absolutely excellent. Its a really fun mode, and can keep you invested for hours. If you love stealth games, this game is a must have.

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Strongest Splinter Cell To Date!

posted by doctorducky (NORTH HILLS, CA) Mar 1, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

I've been a Splinter Cell fan since day one, and in my opinion this is by far the best yet. The game is nearly perfect. Warning, the following may contain slight spoilers.

The storyline is terrific. Sam became head of the newly developed Fourth Echelon, which has a tightknit crew consisting of established characters and new additions. I love how great they work together, and there is an subtle tension between all characters, which you learn more about as you progress, and the serious tone fits the game perfectly. The SMI in Sam's HQ aboard the Paladin, is a fantastic user interface tool, that allows players to access any content within the game, whether it's the story missions, side missions (which there is a surprisingly good amount of), multiplayer, bonus content, etc. This makes the game easy to navigate and adds to the replayability. You can approach any mission in a variety of ways in terms of tactics and achieving mission objectives. You can go the signature stealth route or assault style. The option to kill or spare your enemies was thankfully added back into this game - which Conviction failed to include. Also, the knife is back :) I find it more challenging to subdue enemies rather than kill them, but that's the great thing about this game. It's the players choice, and the tools are laid out for you that suits your style. Graphics are solid, gameplay is addictive, and there is a ton of content to explore in the game. Longtime fans will be surprised at how this game makes an explosive comeback. Go buy/rent it now.

The same button is used to swap weapons and to pick up bodies, and is singly the most frustrating thing in the game. There are a couple other minor hiccups in the controls. The Multiplayer deserves a review in itself, I'd give it a 6/10.

Michael Ironside is not voicing Sam. Once you mourn the loss though, the new voice actor is not half bad. Grim is also kind of strange looking now. Hard-freezes happen on oc

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If you're into that stuff...

posted by Giraffey14 (MANASSAS, VA) Feb 12, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

I couldn't play the game for more than an hour at a time because I only play the hardest difficulty. And it was hard. However, this game was good. Nice to look at, good mapping...the only problem was that stealth vs. combat was unbalanced. This game is stealth, but everyone already knows that.

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