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Too dark

posted by Seizure (POWELL, OH) Dec 19, 2013

Member since Jul 2007

I could not see well enough to play this game. Adjusting the brightness level is broken and does not work.

I read in a few forums where people basically say I need a new TV. Other games play fine on my TV, including dark ones (i.e. Batman). All other games allow me to adjust the brightness.

If I need a new TV to play this game, then this game is broken.

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Worst cell ever.

posted by Rathorne (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Dec 15, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I hated the fact that I needed to install an HD texture pack for the game to still look like trash. The game play felt different and I really didn't enjoy it, but then again how could I while looking at garbage! And SAM isn't the Sam I've grown to admire! Why did they waste there time making this?

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posted by nonaym13 (HAMILTON, OH) Dec 13, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

Decent game, looked more like they are just trying to make money off the name alone though. combat system is basically the same as the last one. the entirely removed thermal, which i dont recall thermal in the last game, though... then again, there wasnt any goggles most of Conviction.

what threw me the most, and gives this game a bad review for me is the voice... ALL of the splinter cell games, has the same guy... Sam is getting older, not younger... and who ever this new guy is, does NOT do Sam Fisher any justice at ALL...

storyline sucks, last time i checked, at the end of Conviction... Sam said he was done with that stuff and went to be with his daughter, who've he has thought dead for so long now... and in the beginning of this game, its like... you get to call her, but dont really GOTTA for any reason, and Sam is still doing the same job that killed his best friend, landed him in jail, got him shot at numerous amount of times, basically disowned by his country til he has to save the PRESIDENT just to get back on good terms with again... there is no reason Blacklist should of existed, honestly... now if they did a metal gear thing, and this Sam was a CLONE or something... i may of forgiven, cause as crazy as it sounds... that would of made more sense.

So over all, if you are a die hard Splinter Cell fan... i suggest pressing mute, and turning the Subtitling on, while imagining the guy who should of played Sam in this game, Michael Ironside.

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