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On the fence!

posted by Disipher (WESTLAND, MI) Jan 12, 2014

Member since Dec 2007

I was on the fence for awhile about if I wanted to buy this. I decided to pick it up. No regrets! The story is great, the feel of the game is better than conviction was. I absolutely love to multiplayer! It feels fresh, like nothing else out there. It's a must buy game! I don't buy many game either.

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Surprised to be so dissapointed

posted by Wraith2321 (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Jan 6, 2014

Member since Nov 2007

I was ready to play this game, especially after how awesome Conviction was. Sadly though, even with all the extras, upgrades, gadets, stuff to buy, and so forth, the game falls short based on the gameplay and the look and feel of it.

It seems the developers decided to focus on making multiplayer and tons of extra stuff to do, yet a quick comparison against Conviction and this game doesn't have a hope of measuring up on sheer looks alone. I can't believe it's branded with being made via the Unreal engine!!! Then of course there's the gameplay, which simply isn't any fun. I gave it a few missions, but I just couldn't get past the sheer choppiness. I simply can't believe that this game was sent out with it being so unpolished. And then of course there is the HD pack. The game looks and feels terrible with it installed, I don't even want to consider how it must be without it.

Pros: I rented it on Gamefly

Serious lack of polish. You'd think Conviction was the newest release in the series.
Worst unreal engine game I've ever seen (and I don't recall seeing a bad one, ever!)
Choppy gameplay, and just an overall bad look.
Based on in game dialogue, it seems this game is supposed to take place after Conviction, but the characters look, and the main characters voice are simply terrible!!

I wouldn't call this a AAA title. Maybe a single A based on it's initial price point being so high? Other than that, this game is not worthy of being a Splinter Cell title.

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Fair Nothing To Write Home About

posted by MrNutJob (VENICE, CA) Jan 5, 2014

Member since May 2013

A bit surprised at the over 8 point score from most here... The Main Solo Mission was fair but Sam Fisher sure could use an Enema! Talk about Stiff, in fact the whole 'crew' of this new Splinter Cell seemed more Officious than a Cabinet meeting at the White House. These folks operating outside of the law even disobey the President! Talk about Stars and Stripes.

I think too many liberties were taken here in the Story, I think we should start reviewing CONTENT more and not worry about the Gameplay so much.

All this 'Side Mission' stuff is just another way of saying: "I couldn't handle the Real Story, so let me give them all this as well..."

Essentially this one is good looking but not in keeping with the Splinter Cell from last time in Vegas.

I don't really need the Go USA thing and all...

I can catch that on CNN.

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