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Amazing game, improves on original

posted by PartyVan (Hastings, FL) Jun 27, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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Anyone who played the original likely disliked three things about the game.

1) It's co-op mode had no story, no team, and I believe you had to select the option to respawn (as if players were going to make it the entire level without dying.)

2) Terrorist hunts were similarly lame.

3) There was really no incentive to play the single-player campaign again (or the terrorist hunts at all, for that matter.)

Well, the development team learned from their mistakes. Co-op mode is immersive and fully functional, and the team is there, controlled by player 1. Re-spawns? You betcha. Terrorist hunts are still secondary to the campaign, but a lot more fun.

The other big improvement was the inclusion of the new weapons access system. There are now four categories, scoring points in which will unlock new weapons, armor, clothing, and camoflauge patterns. The categories are Marksman (headshots, long-range kills, etc.), CQB (close-quarter combat, includes blind-fire kills, killing at close range, etc.), and Assault (killing guys on rope, killing turret-gunners/with a turret, etc., basically the misc. category). The fourth category is the category that unlocks clothing and camoflauge patterns; it is the general ranking category, and the other categories earn experience towards a higher rank.

For those who aren't familiar with the first Rainbow Six Vegas, the game is a tactical first-person shooter in which you command a team of operatives like yourself to combat terrorists who have taken over a Las Vegas casino. RSV2's plot takes place at roughly the same time. The control scheme is intuitive and very well-structured. Issuing team commands is a simple process involving the D-pad and the A-button. Operative rules of engagement can be set to Inflitration, where they won't fire unless fired upon, and Assault, which is weapons-free. The game requires smart and quick tactical thinking, and is realistic, difficult, and extremely fun with a very high replay value.

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VIVA VEGAS 2 BABY !!!!! ( Worth a buy )

posted by CNTRINSGNT (MANVILLE, NJ) Mar 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

99 out of 115 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Like all my reviews I will list the GOOD, THE BAD, And give a final thought on the game.


ACES system is awesome, It will give you rewards for game play style, So if you snipe alot you will get weapons for it.

IMPROVED AI!, well this is a big one. The AI are somewhat smart and dont state at you or run away.. they will kill you! much better than the first game.

I like the story better than the first, very good script that will leave you wanting to play it non stop!

Multiplayer is very good, If you want to move on from COD 4 multiplayer this could be the game for you!

XP points are not only earned in multiplayer but single player too! and they carry over! this is awesome!!


While ACES is awesome, it will not take you long to max everything out... So I would suggest playing different ways to take full advantage of the system

The game does contain bugs
There is a sound bug which makes the gunfire sound like JUNK... its rare but it happens
There is also a few times when the team AI will get stuck and be hopeless, however this only happened to me ONE TIME.

NO four-player co-op in the story mode.
While this is not a set back for me, it might be for you. Its only TWO now.

Multiplayer lost some game modes... why take things away that were good the first time?

=========================- ==========
=========================- ==========

If you likes RAINBOW 6 VEGAS you will love vegas 2, while there are some setbacks its a much better game and worth the buy for the multiplayer.

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Tactical Team-Based Bliss

posted by ModernBard (NEW BRAUNFELS, TX) Oct 23, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is a tactical shooter which relies heavily on cover and team management. The cover mechanic is simple and easy to pick up on, allowing for safe recon, blind-fire, and pop-out aimed shots. You can also line up your crosshairs while hidden behind cover, even switching on your scope, if you have one, for precise and quick kills. Stealth is also a factor, and most weapons come with a silencer that can be equipped in the field.

RS:V 2 also brings a new feature called Persistent Elite Creation. (There was something like this for the online play of the first game, but much more limited.) This allows you to create either the male or female agent of your dreams, choosing from several face sets, including facial hair options and facepaint. The clothing and armor sections also provide hundreds of possible combinations and styles, Initially, many items are locked, and are earned by reaching higher ranks. Every kill, either in the single-player campaign or the many multiplayer modes, earns you experience towards ranks. Also, a separate experience tree works to unlock the great variety of weapons in the game. Each weapon you choose can be customized with a variety of sighting devices and other accessories. All in all, it means that no two players are outfitted the same, and the experience mechanics add a nice game reward.

In the single player campaign, the player is also in control of two teammates. Your team can be ordered around in real time, and can perform a variety of useful and deadly tasks. The team responds to the player also, shouting advice, and applying silencers when you do. And it's a good thing they are so smart, because your enemies will take cover, throw grenades, and provide each other cover while flanking. The campaign really shines when you play coop. Nothing more satisfying than teaming up with a friend, scoping a room, and working in tandem to eliminate the terrorists.

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