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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown


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I Recommend You Rent Before You Buy

posted by MrGrimmz (DUARTE, CA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This is a great game, even though I gave it a 7 Rating. The single player game play is great, good story, good tactics that you can use to complete each mission. The weapon section could use a little more variety. Great graphics. Multiplayer could use bit more work though. It's good, but needs more finesse. The missions were pretty much like the single player missions, except that there are only two members of a team, instead of four, like in single player mode. It would also be good if it would be for four players, instead of two, but you can have more than two online only. Overall it's good game, I would recommend to rent it before you buy it, just to make sure you like.

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Great Shooter

posted by Cloud0426 (MARANA, AZ) May 31, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Few game genres are more saturated than that of the FPS nowadays, and unfortunately, most of them are about as fun as watching paint dry. Given the shaky reputation of some previous R6 games, I was hesitant to give Lockdown a chance, but I'm glad I did. Considering the game's age, the graphics are fantastic, and for lack of a more eloquent explanation, the game is just plain fun. Your AI-controlled squad is only slightly mentally impaired - about as good as you can ask for, really. Giving commands to your teammates is easy and quick, a must in the heat of a firefight. Likewise, enemies are relatively intelligent, and will take cover and lob grenades right into your lap if you aren't careful. You'd best learn to do the same if you want to finish all 14 missions, because running around like you're in Doom or Medal of Honor will net you nothing more than a "Load Game" screen. Patience and awareness are paramount; move slowly and cautiously through your environment, and scope out large areas before you enter them, or you're likely to turn a corner and catch a faceful of boomstick.
A huge variety of weapons and gadgets offers many different venues of tackling any particular mission, for the stealth assassin, the shotgun-toting brute and every playing style in between. Load times are quick and infrequent, and the ability to save at any time offers a welcome respite from having to redo a battle over and over. My only real complaints with this installment are the occasional glitches - your teammate opens a door, but the door doesn't really open and you find your squad eternally glitching into each other, things of that nature. As annoying as these occurrences are, they aren't so common that they pose a real problem. Overall, I'd have to classify R6: Lockdown as one of the top 5 shooters in my book, and I certainly hope Vegas follow in its footsteps, since R6V is next in my queue.

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Fun game, worth a try!

posted by ChuckMoney (CHICAGO, IL) Aug 18, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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I had a lot of fun playing this game. I've been a R6 fan since the original one, and I haven't looked back. The game is hard, but very enjoyable at the same time. Sometimes I think the game is just a tad bit too hard, I had to reload my game MANY times during a few tense moments, basically because I ran out of patience and just started the tried and not-so-true "spray and pray" method. The Weber sniping levels were fun at first, but kinda got annoying... until I found a setting in the options menu that lets you see targets a la Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter style (which helped out ALOT with spotting Tango's and RPG Tango's). One nice touch that developers threw in was the damage to the Oakley's Ding wears, when you get severely injured your glasses get cracked... NICE! XBox Live seems like it would be a lot of fun, but I'm just a tad bit too poor for Live... and my lady would kill me. At the days end, I'd say this is a rental, not a buy, check it out!

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