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H.A.W.X. 2 falls Below Altitude

posted by biggyDx (DOVER, DE) Sep 7, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

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I will admit I had high hopes for this sequel. I enjoyed the first since it introduced newer elements (such as Enhanced Reality System and Over-the -Shoulder flying), which really made combat more visceral, trilling, and accessible. In the sequel, however, things have changed and not for the better.

Much of the original game is still intact, with improvements in AI and graphics. New additions include piloting a UAV and AC130 gunship, use of precision guided bombs, and takeoff/landing and air refueling. Players can level up by completing missions and challenges which will allow you to purchase skills(perks) and planes for multiplayer, as well as earn side missions. Multiplayer includes 4-player coop and the standard 8-player deathmatch.

The story is pretty cliche. Players battle Insurgents and Separatists with nuclear weapon capabilities and its up to the player to fight them from either the US, Russian, or British point of view. Characters are now fully modeled into cutscenes although their detail is somewhat blocky. They also are bad at lip-syncing. Some portions of the game are done at night, while some missions require the use of UAV's, which brings me to the bad part of this game.

The first game prided itself on fun, fast, hard-hitting action but with new additions and removal of certain elements, the game loses some of that flair. The ERS system has been taken out of dogfighting and is only utilized in landing and refueling. Missions involving UAVs and the AC-130 also; while fun at first, slow down the action to a crawl and only distract you from being involved in real aerial battles. Unfortunately, these portions are mandatory as both standalone and midplay during missions. Intense moments that made the first game are mostly sparse and in half the missions you are required to keep a certain target alive, hampering the enjoyment.

While I was hoping for this game to blow me away once more, I found myself taken aback. This is a rental, but not so much a buy.

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Where to begin

posted by PoaTriv (PORT WASHINGTON, WI) Dec 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

This game was a mediocre flight sim.
- The controls were so so. It was very glitchy and felt really hard to bank planes
-Ur not able to pick the plane you want to fly the campagin missions.
-Why is a anti-tank plane trying to shoot down fighter jets?

(SPOILER) The worst part was the final mission. Yeah lets try shooting down ICBMs while a satelite shoots lazers at me. YEah that sounds like fun. (died 20 times) Then lets fly through a cave and blow up another one. (died 15 times)

I didn't even give the online play a chance because i was so fed up with the game

If your into flight sim games, there is another one out there that is TONS better. ANd no its not the first HAWX game

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worst sequal ever!

posted by slapaho15 (CLEARLAKE, CA) Jan 8, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

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Let me first state that this review is based on only the first few levels as I got so bored and irritated I sent the game back without finishing it. I loved the first HAWX so I was very excited when I got my hands on the second installment of my favorite air combat game. Right from the start something was off. The feeling of speed and excitment is gone and has been replaced by irritation. The cannons are now useless as you will never get a bead on an airborn target, missles take what seems like forever to lock on and then when you fire they barely move faster than the plane your flying. I fired on a stationary target 6000 feet away and it took almost eight seconds to hit. There is no clear objective to follow so I found myself guessing most of the time. And forget your wingmen as you would be better off without them. The only thing they seemed to do was target the person you were in pursuit of and shoot them down first. So not only do you get your butt handed to you since your whole squad only attacks one target at a time, you don't even gain any experiance becuase they get credit for the kill. In my opinion this game is vastly inferior to it's predecessor in every aspect. Do yourself a favor and just go play the first one again.

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