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Also on:Xbox 360, Wii
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GF Rating


play is looking ok BUT

posted by Philphoto (MEDFORD, MA) Sep 8, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

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This game sound is awful bad not enough to sound at all oneffect sound But heard loud on speech or music not effect! I was so disppoint with this game. Since I play with Air War. None of this best one I play.

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GF Rating


Boring, short missions and very high sensitivity

posted by Riotcraft (FRIENDSWOOD, TX) Sep 30, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

This game is not the sequel to the above average original you were probably hoping for. Aside from the story being about as generic as a military-thriller scenario could get, so many missions just have you doing one single thing and then it's over. Drop bombs through a camera and that's it. Then there are the UAV missions where you just fly over and look at things or occasionally drop bombs with no flying of the UAV itself.

The missions with what you came for, the bombing and dog fighting aren't much better. There are no unique scenarios or objectives that every stray from "bomb this icon or shoot down that icon." The joystick sensitivity is so unbelievably high as to make the game almost unplayable. I've played almost every flight game from this generation and ALL of them let you change the sensitivity of your joystick for plane handling. This game has it jacked up to the highest it can go in comparison to any other flight game. Even the slightest movement on the joystick sends your plane veering two feet away from your target on the screen. Likewise, the camera lock feature where your camera locks onto the enemy plane while you steer the plane to line up with the enemy is the worst I have ever seen in any flight game.

The enemy AI is absolutely terrible on all difficulties. They're guaranteed to die if you get a lock on and rarely ever put pressure on you. The difficulty comes from the timers and "defend" objectives. Fighting the outrageous sensitivity while allies are being shelled or a timer is ticking down is ridiculous at times. It's just a race to kill enemies faster with the awful controls. Oh, did I mention that this game expects you to utilize four buttons with your right thumb simultaneously? It's absolutely awful when you have to lock on to a plane, fire missiles AND fire cannons ALL WITH ONE THUMB. (Lock on requires HOLDING it) While also managing accel, brake and yaw with each hands index and middle fingers.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Hawx2 disappointed .

posted by nuni2014 (NEWINGTON, CT) Aug 17, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

This game was not what I expected, and it was to easy.

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