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Change of scenery

posted by EmldKnight (LAWRENCE, KS) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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Same planes, different maps, fewer choices. That is what I walked away with from this sequel. Gameplay and graphics were on par, if not slightly improved, over the first. The heartbreak for me came in the lack of selection involving the planes. And I mean actual selection. You fly what they give you and that's it. Now... I don't multiplay so my opinion doesn't include that, but I'm glad I decided to rent this one instead of purchase.

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posted by Syzner (FRIENDSWOOD, TX) Sep 9, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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I thought H.A.W.X. was an exceptional game and looked forward to a sequel, but this addition to the series needs major polishing.

Graphics are worse than the original, and while other reviews speak of cool new cut-scenes, they don't mention that they are horribly wrought with chop and lag. The most recent PS3 update improved this somewhat, but it still persist in cut-scenes and throughout gameplay.

Sound is mediocre and it's not a serious issue. However, many of the Russians sound more like people doing they're best Swarchenegger impression.

Biggest issue for me was definitely the new UI interface and flight physics. UI was lacking detail and slow in response, and the flight mechanics were bad. The new system would have been acceptable if on an even playing field. You stall on empty payload at 160 mph, while the AI can perform impossible maneuvers that would make E.T.s blush.

I'm a huge fan of the flight and space simulation genre, but they managed something I thought not possible... Had me return the game before finishing it.
Definitely keep this a low priority game.

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HAWX Degenerate

posted by ChiefShott (KANSAS CITY, MO) Sep 22, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Alright! Im a big Hawx 1 guy and i love the new take on flight games to the console. To all those fans who think bout getting 2....DON"T where should i start.
What's Good:
-Graphics slight improvement
-Story Line and missions are typical Tom Clancy
-Physics are different but i like the simulator feel
-You now have the option to customize your loadout, Eat MY 4 GUNPODS
-AI is more challenging if not cheap in some stages but not impossible

What's Bad:
-Game frame rate a bit sluggish and choppy(more noticable online)
-Not a big fan of the online COD style perks (really martyrdom, when you kill them they blow up so nice you die with them, almost impossible to avoid if your in close with short range missiles or guns basically- it's cheap, among others aswell)
-Although you can customize your loadout, it does not stack up when you are online such as if you are playing realistic you get limited missiles cool but, switch to normal you still get your limited custom loadout while others with the preset loadouts will have a 100 missiles to your 6- NOT COOL! On single player it adjust though..Wierd
-Guns are a little hard to aim but those who like the guns in 1st hawx will be disappointed by the lead assist piper being missing, imagine flying your latest tech aircraft firing missiles but using your guns like its ww2-pray and spray

What' UGLY:
-you know it's really cool having to pause the game, go into options, and change your camera view there rather than just clicking the thumbstick, don't think about switching views in an online battle(i like switching,1st per=vomit)
-controls are the same however, everytime you start up you have to reset you assist off control mode--very annoying if you fly expert

Bottom Line:
You know this is one of those game sequels that take a step forward and yet a step back at the same time. Hawx has lost a bit of it's roots while not bringing worthwhile goods to the table.
Hawx 1>Hawx 2
Hawx 2 is not worth buying, renting ok

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