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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon


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Gameplay Controls

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
GamePlay: To Learn the Action Controls for Soldiers and Weapons, complete the in- game Training Missions and hone your skills.

Control Stick Shuffle, walk and run / Strafe left and right
Control Pad Stance up/down , Cycle solder, Night vision
Right Thumbstick Look up / down and Turn left / right
A Button Reload
B Button Change weapon
X Button Perform action
Y Button Quick order
Z Button Command map
L Button Zoom in / out
R Button Fire weapon
Start/Pause Pause

Control Stick Move map cursor / Move firing arc
Control Pad Move map cursor / Move firing arc
A Button Create waypoint
B Button Cancel the last entered waypoint
X Button Change level ( upstairs, downstairs )
Y Button Switch Command map and soldiers cards
Z Button Toggle the Command interface on / off
L Button Select Alpha team in Command map
R Button Select Bravo team in Command map
C Stick Command map Zoom in / out