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Great Buy! Not a Rent.

posted by chandler1211 (DALE, TX) Jun 29, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Ghost Recon FS is a Third person cover based shooter. Is this a bad thing? NO! Many believe if it doesn't bring something new to the table it is trash. This is mostly due to the hate on COD. The game is great, it adds gadgets that can help you in battle some cool and unique like sensor grenades or generic like frag grenades, and while the campaign is a bit lacking and frustrating the online is what makes this game. This is were the Rent becomes a problem, Ubisoft has joined the online pass band-wagon. Does this make the game bad? No, go buy the game and it wont be a problem but for the rent it is probably a steer clear. on the bright side they haven't completely locked out mp to the renters. You are allowed to get to lvl. 5 with all 3 classes and are alowed to play 2 game modes of the 4 available. You may play Conflict: Semi-TDM with more emphasis on team work and objectives, Kills give no points but team work actions add 1 and objective completions add 100, and Saboteur: a neutral bomb must be acquired and armed in the enemies bombsite, winner is the one that arms the bomb ties are decided by team action points. you still get a multiplayer experience but it isn't much. I hope this made you decide to possibly rent and then keep from Gamefly if not then i respect your decision.

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posted by 201995 Jun 28, 2012


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Above Average

Campaign Good - Online Not So Good

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Jun 27, 2012

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I really enjoyed the campaign. There was a nice balance of stealth and full on engagements. Some areas required some strategy and a few replays to figure out the optimal paths, but all scenarios were easily accomplished with some patience.

I ended up going through the campaign with the recommended weapons for the most part. I did check into the weapon customization wheel and thought it was well done and interesting for a long term player that would go through the campaign more than once.

Gadgets and grenades were often the tipping point in many scenes so I was happy to see they were well done and easily accessible throughout most of the campaign.

I had a couple of issues with checkpoints being WAY back in a chapter and requiring a long replay, but they were few and far between.

Controls were well thought out, but the control pad does get busy. This is especially true with the the D-Pad. There is quite a bit going on with the D-Pad and if you aren't precise you may find yourself lobbing a frag when you thought you were lobbing a sensor. Not a huge problem unless you are in one of the "avoid detection" sequences.

Online was a huge disappointment for those of us that rent. A pass is required to progress beyond level 5. From my limited on-line play, I didn't see much that was compelling. Guerrilla showed some promise, but it's limited to single player without an online pass.

Way too many achievements are tied to Online play.

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