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Not the same

posted by oaklandRaider (TULSA, OK) Aug 8, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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For me i look forward to the originality of the Tom Clancy series. This game loses the heart of why i loved ghost recon so much in the first place. It looks an imitation of spec ops and mw3... your are no longer able to control your team like the last ghost recons.. the graphics are also so me it just lost a lot of the heart and tactic that the former Ghost games had

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Above Average

Multiplayer problems galore

posted by Kahnvex (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Aug 2, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

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Loved GRAW 1 and 2, and I was excited to play this entry in the franchise.

Somehow Ubi managed to completely bork the multiplayer. If I went online with friends, we got party dropped. If I played the campaign in co-op, the game froze, bugged out, or refused to load cut-scenes in addition to other strange occurrences

This is by far, one of the least polished AAA releases I've played in recent memory. I'm not totally upset that I paid the $10 for the online pass, but I can't recommend anybody else do it either.

Also shameful: Releasing DLC when your Multiplayer is busted. Shame on Ubisoft.

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Real Review

posted by heavyhanded (WAUKEGAN, IL) May 22, 2012

Member since May 2012

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First off I'm going to tell you this game is almost NOTHING like GRAW 1 or 2. There is no 16 player firefight coop, only 4 player, 2 local, gorilla mode. Gorilla mode is not what it's worked up to be, in fact it's zone defense spec ops. You may be like I liked MW3 spec ops...not this! To put it into words bodies fade out after 1 second of them being shot. This game plays EXACTLY like splinter cell...just with a very dry taste. I did enjoy the customization...but I'll let you read every review that boast that single part so diligently, and then they end up reviewing the game for that single reason.
Ubisoft eliminated bullet shells that add to the realism. They added blood, NOT enormously.
Bodies no longer stay on the ground as soon as they are killed ON-SCREEN they fade out. So don't expect the overwhelming pile of bodies from GRAW 1&2.
Like i said above game play is very much like splinter cell. HOW? You might ask, well lets start with there only being a very select number of infantry within in one area and as soon as you kill them all, a little message appears on the screen saying area cleared. Do you remember splinter cell where you would kill all the military with that targeting system and sam would drop 'em all at the same time? Same thing here except with a squad and NO "AI" bullet holes (but no Graw game had bullet marked AI's so no biggie.) This game let me down in the campaign, Multiplayer was alright not worth $15 dollars and certainly not worth $60. This game falls into another repetitive copy and paste EA style bs category. Other reviews are just first look reviews. This game unforgivably failed 5 out of 10.
Don't believe me rent it or buy it see where that takes you. maybe 4 days of moderate happiness.
Also on another side note this is just a "over glorified-3rd person-Modern Warfare 3-sam fisher-style-shooter."

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