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Also on:Xbox 360, PS2
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Walls and barriers

You cannot hide behind walls or barriers in first person view unless you plan on staying at that location for awhile. Unlike third person view where you can just tap Triangle to automatically hide, you must hold Triangle in first person view to hide. Press Up to look over a barrier or to open fire. Press Left or Right (depending on how you are positioned) to look out.

Slip and slide

When you are running and suddenly get fired upon, quickly tap the Left Analog-stick. You will slide along the ground. If you are running and click and hold the Left Analog-stick, you will do a sort of belly flop and slide on your stomach.

Sluggish controls

If you are carrying a large automatic weapon, the controls will feel sluggish because of the weight of the gun. However, if you switch to a hand held gun, the controls will be more responsive.

Quick tips in battle 1

Quickly press A to reload your weapon.

Quick tips in battle 2

Quickly press B to switch to your alternate weapon(s).

Quick tips in battle 3

Quickly press Y to lean up against a wall or some sort of cover in third person view.

Quick tips in battle 4

If you are running and are suddenly fired upon, click the Left Analog-stick to lie flat.

Quick tips in battle 5

Click Right Analog-stick to zoom in with a sniper or rifle. This will not work with large automatic machine guns.

Xbox Live music help

Keeping the music on is recommended, as the tempo picks up when you are approaching the enemy. Conversely the music slows back down when you are at a safe distance.