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For its time it was awesome.

posted by playstationfan0 (BRADFORD, AR) May 7, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

The graphics are as good as high end ps2 graphics lol but this game is a good reason why i cant wait for 5 years after this gen of consoles because its gonna look epic and this game shows how only half a decade could look so bad compared to now lol But this is about the game the voice acting does not match what the video looks like there is some choppy frames when it looks like things are teleporting in cut scenes. The game is fun just really outdated worth a rent tho oh and no trophy support ): for all you trophy hunters.

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ghost recon 2

posted by prettydre (COLUMBUS, OH) May 24, 2013

Member since May 2013


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Shouldn't have been a sequel, this game is so weak

posted by BURZUM (TROY, AL) May 14, 2013

Member since Nov 2010

Unbelievable, I expected this game would be awesome considering how great I thought the original was; sadly, I was deceived. The graphics, missions, game play, team, voice acting and just about everything else was nowhere near as good as the 1st Ghost Recon.
Team doesn't back you up well, and the method of dispatching them to take on enemies doesn't work. I ended up killing most enemies myself, and the only thing my team helped to do was draw fire away from myself.

No gun customization, the team talks way too loud at you-whereas there was a sense of realism in the 1st G.R. it is lost here, the team doesn't line up shots on separate enemies to be taken out simultaneously on your command. I completed like 5 missions and sent it back. I was not going to attempt to play through and deal with the annoyance & frustration of this weak title, as I constantly compare it mentally to the original. How this game got over a 7 overall rating is beyond me. I give it a generous 4.
I can sum up by quoting the illustrious Blaine Edwards & Anton Merryweather: "Hated It!"

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