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GF Rating


Really good. Great looking. Neat game play.

posted by jcca77 (GLEN ROCK, PA) Sep 10, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Great game. I have to start my campaign a few times from the easiest level to the next to hardest. Which became a challenge at that point.

At first I was disappointed that you could shoot people behind walls and that was not real cool. Shooting an red image that didn't look like anything but as the campaign goes it starts getting harder and you glad to be able to shoot guys behind wall. Then you are sending your men in to do the shooting for you and I thought that was kind a sissy stuff, but again you end up needing to do that after a while.

Half way through the game you start using the drone a spy in the sky and your men and medic and other things are it's OK.

The very last stage was rip off. The AI really sucked. No matter what I did I could not progress pass a certain point. Well after 218 times and another day the AI let's me for no good reason shoot some things with the Helicopter little bird that I was not able to shoot at all. Well I guess the AI said enough let him win now. And that is what happened. Woopi.

A real surprise was in the multi player mode I was able to play one person and they had 30 or 40 different maps that were not part of the story mode. And they were really good with many different modes. Capture the flag, shoot everybody, etc... I got a few weeks of good play out of the game but I will return it for the next greatest game out there for PS3.

I was playing this on HD 50" TV. Can't imagine playing on a smaller screen again.

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GF Rating

Very Good

graw2 vs r6v

posted by pfjms001 (BOCA RATON, FL) Sep 5, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

both are good shooters in there own right, the one downfall that rainbow six vegas has over graw2 is; in graw2 you can tell the server speed whether if it is good or not, meaning it will be in green for good, while r6v you have to ask the people how the server is before playing. also r6v is a much slower paced game then graw2 which is more strategy. both titles are worth owning. the graphics for the ps3 versions hands down are better than xbox 360. tom clancy did his homework on these games.

there's two many shooters out there so if you are going to by them, make sure each one stands alone.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Its pretty good.

posted by Gunwave (Kingsville, TX) Sep 4, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

First off, Swat games(Rainbow 6,Ghost Recon,Swat) aren't my favorites types of games.

But, I decided to rent this anyways and I was surprised that I liked it. Its way easy to learn the controls and it played very well.

The game has good pacing and just when I had enough of the game I had beaten it.
Its kinda of a short game, about 10hrs., but I think this is good for the style of game.

Graphics are good, but their was some framerate issues, it wasn't too bad.

Overall, its worth renting.

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