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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2


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Also on:PS2, GC
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1335 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2

GamePlay: Microphone/Headset is not included with this rental, but if you are using the microphone, the following voice commands will issue orders:

Commands For Your Team:
Advance = "Advance"
Flank Left = "Flank Left"
Flank Right = "Flank Right"
Regroup = "Regroup"
Suppress = "Suppress"
Hold Position On = "Hold Position"
Plant Demo Charge = "Demo Target"
Laze Target = "Laze Target"
Use Item = "Use"
Medic = "Medic"
Attack Vehicle = "Attack Vehicle"
Escort = "Escort"
Protect = "Protect"
Hold Fire On = "Hold Fire"
Hold Fire Off = "Weapons Free"

Commands For Your Character:
Map (Toggle) = "Map"
Reload = "Reload"
Switch Weapons = "Switch"
Single Shot = "Single Shot"
Burst = "Burst"
Full Auto = "Full Auto"
Equip Primary Weapon = "Primary Weapon
Equip Secondary Weapon = "Secondary Weapon"
Equip Mission-Specific Weapon = "Mission Weapon"
Equip Grenades/Explosives = "Explosive"
Night Vision (Toggle) = "Night Vision"
Action (Dynamic) = "Action"

Directional Pad Toggle Stance Standing/Prone. Peek Left/Right.
Left Thumbstick Move. Roll (While Prone). Perform Context Sensitive Action (Click In).
Right Thumbstick Look Around. Zoom.
A Button Reload Weapon
B Button Display Inventory/Switch Weapon (Hold)
X Button Toggle Night Vision On/Off
Y Button Display Team Command Menu
White Button Toggle Hold Fire/Designate Target
Black Button Team Regroup/Gun Camera
Left Trigger Reference Map
Right Trigger Fire Weapon
Start Pause
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