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Also on:PS2, GC
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posted by daafies (FREMONT, CA) Jan 11, 2010

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great game, had a huge online following. i recommend picking this up for a couple bucks used.

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GF Rating


a decent, if shallow tactical shooter

posted by imperial (WILLIAMSVILLE, VT) Dec 26, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

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first of all I played ghost Recon and Island thunder and found the gameplay dull and uninteresting and the graphics drab and the mechanics cumbersome. Now fast forward to GR2, a decent, if shallow tactical shooter with more kenetic energy and quick action than tactical strategim. Not to say that GR2 is devoid of strategy just that the game gives you flanking and firing commands for your squad and calls it a day. Gone is the neccesity to plot out sniping positions and firing lanes and the need to nitpick through different characters in order to do the job right. GR2 sends you on a linear path with few options other than basic commands. GR2 despite it's problems has an immense fun factor compared to its predeccesor missions are crammed with enemy vehicles and grunt firing squads which will act together to take you down. On top of that you will often be working with allied squads to accomplish objectives. GR2 is not overly difficult although often you may have to retry missions after being killed randomly by a concealed sniper or a lucky shooter. Also your team AI has a habit of firing into inanimate objects that an enemy might be on the other side of. And your team will shoot you dead if you get caught in their fire, an annoying enough quirk made frustrating by how many times it occurs. And often your teamies will jump in front of you while your firing resulting in an unfortunate KIA. GR2 is a decent enough game on its own which saves it from it's middling and shallow tactical options.
gameplay-7(quirks and stupid redundencies take this one down a notch)
audio-7(dialogue is often fuzzy and detached although the great musical score makes up for it)
graphics-7(amatuer to decent textures and models)
presentation-8(fast and easy interfaces yet inconsistent load times)
difficulty-medium(some patience required for frustrating deaths)

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GF Rating

Very Good

okay shooter to pick up

posted by SHRIMP (CYPRESS, TX) Nov 2, 2006

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this game isn`t the best but it is pretty addicting after awhile but the 3rd person gets annoying after awhile. the graphics are good but the enemies are cheesy and when shoot them they just lean to the side. the training is confusing (if you haven`t mastered it).

graphics: 9.5
gameplay: 8.3
recommend: rent

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