Rent Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike for Xbox
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike

Not Rentable
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Gameplay Controls

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike
GamePlay: Microphone/Headset is not included with this rental, but if you are using the microphone, the following voice commands will issue orders:

Commands For Your Team:
Advance = "Advance"
Flank Left = "Flank Left"
Flank Right = "Flank Right"
Regroup = "Regroup"
Suppress = "Suppress"
Hold Position On = "Hold Position"
Plant Demo Charge = "Demo Target"
Laze Target = "Laze Target"
Use Item = "Use"
Medic = "Medic"
Attack Vehicle = "Attack Vehicle"
Escort = "Escort"
Protect = "Protect"
Hold Fire On = "Hold Fire"
Hold Fire Off = "Weapons Free"

Commands For Your Character:
Map (Toggle) = "Map"
Reload = "Reload"
Switch Weapons = "Switch"
Single Shot = "Single Shot"
Burst = "Burst"
Full Auto = "Full Auto"
Equip Primary Weapon = "Primary Weapon"
Equip Secondary Weapon = "Secondary Weapon"
Equip Mission-Specific Weapon = "Mission Weapon"
Equip Grenades/Explosives = "Explosive"
Night Vision (Toggle) = "Night Vision"
Action (Dynamic) = "Action"

Directional Pad Up/Down = Toggle Stance: Upright/Crouched/Prone. Left/Right = Peek Left/Right.
Left Thumbstick Movement. Control Gun Placement (Lone Wolf Mode). Click In = Action or Interact With Object.
Right Thumbstick Look Around. Click In = Cycle Through Zoom Modes.
A Button Reload (Tap). Display Reload Menu (Hold, D-Pad to Select).
B Button Switch Between Primary and Secondary Weapons (Tap). Display Inventory Menu (Hold, D-Pad to Select).
X Button Toggle Night Vision On or Off (Tap). Display Vision Menu (Hold, D-Pad to Select)
Y Button Give Team Dynamic Order (Tap). Display Command Menu (Hold). Toggle Range Lock On or Off for Airburst Grenades (Lone Wolf Mode).
White Button Team Regroup Command. Toggle Gun Camera On or Off (Lone Wolf Mode).
Black Button Toggle Hold Fire Command On or Off. Designate Vehicle for Destruction (Lone Wolf Mode).
Left Trigger Display Reference Map (Hold)
Right Trigger Fire Current Weapon
Start Start Menu
Back Toggle Scoreboard On or Off