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GF Rating


Not what you think it is:)

posted by flyacow (MORGANTOWN, PA) Jan 26, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

It's a ok game but it needs to get to the point faster. I like to see more of the citys and walk around them more, but it is fast moving at times too. It just is not living up to what it says it is:)

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GF Rating


Fun...for awhile

posted by fix8ed (LA HABRA, CA) Dec 29, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

The premise of this game is great; an RTS controlled by your voice. The problem is that the game becomes quickly repetitive. Not to mention almost all of the achievements are for xbox live which is ridiculous. I don't want to be forced into playing with someone online just to earn achievements.

Bottom line: great if you want to see the power of the voice control but not something you'll be wanting to play over and over again.

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GF Rating


Good graphics... repetitive gameplay

posted by aerophex (CENTENNIAL, CO) Dec 19, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

I've played many C&C games (not all of them religiously) so I was looking forward to the voice control addition. It sounded and looked like EndWar may have done what C&C hadn't, in a trump. Alas, I forgot, this game was developed by UbiSoft, and it is lackluster at best.

Graphics: 8.5/10 - Units get upgrades and they show on the units... very cool. The landscapes were amazing and I love the Three Mile Island level, it was my favorite. I truly enjoyed watching this game happen.

Sound: 8/10 - The sound helped the environment, units respond in an accented English, gun and missle sounds are effective and the immersion of the 5.1 audio aides in identifying problem units.

Gameplay: 5/10 - Rock, paper, scissor, boulder. Is how I would describe this game Tanks kill transports transports kill gunships gunships kill tanks artillery kills most everything. This formula repeats throughout the game and no matter what upgrades you purchase it doesn't change much. Sure there are infantry units too but their main purpose is to capture points and provide some upgrades to the points. A fully upgraded gunship unit still cannot take down a transport unit, it just survives a little bit longer so you can hopefully pull it out in time. The game types vary nicely but this boring formula makes for little replay desirability. After I figured out this stupid formula, I was bored and sent the game back.

Voice: 7/10 - Most of the voice commands are recognized clearly, but when they are not, they tend to be catastrophic. Units get sent to the wrong points then get slaughtered. Incorrect units are deployed, wasting precious resource points. Some tasks must be either spoken /very/ carefully and clearly, or done by hand. When war is breaking out all around you, having a calm voice the game can understand isn't always an option.

I spent a little over a weekend with this one after saying enough. I'm not a huge RTS fan, but I know the difference between mediocre and good.

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