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One of a kind

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Dec 5, 2008

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I saw a whole bunch of reviews last year for this game and i tought this game would be pretty cool. This game is really fun and its cool that you can say the commands or if you dont have a mic you can just use the directional pad. Let me say right now if your not sure that you can get this game if you dont have a mic, this game is fully functional without a mic. But it pretty much takes all the fun out of the game. But one thing about this game that looked cool is that is was supposed to be all about futuristic warfare and it has some future stuff, but not as much as the previews had. Also let me say that once you get into the game a bit it is pretty much the same stuff after the same stuff. Also the multiplayer is pretty weak in this game and really isnt worth your time. This game can be really easy or incredibly difficult. There are three game difficulties so in case your bad at this you can still play it. This game kind of takes a bit of getting use to also, so i would suggest you start out on normal, the easiest game mode. Also the graphics are pretty good for this game. So overall this game is pretty fun, but it gets old and by the time you get past half the campaign or so youll prouble not want to finish this game. But i know people that love this game so much theyve played it six times and they still love it, so try it out and see how much you like it. P.S. If you have xbox live try out the demo, its pretty much an exact replica of the game itself.

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Best strategy game in 2008

posted by python000 (WHITEHALL, PA) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game has been anticipated by many for a long time through all the delays and such, and in my opinion, it was well worth the wait! But beware, only get this game if you have Xbox Live! The game is meant to be played online.

This game is about pure tactics. You do NOT collect resources in this game which just clears the way for you to be able to use the best tactics you deem suitable. Basically, in the main gametype, you are going to be competing for "up-links". One person has to defend these, while the other has to attack them. But the catch is, the defender also has to capture the points because the whole point is to keep the opposing player from capturing more than half. The capturing of the points is done with the Units that you deploy to the battlefield using Voice commands, or if you wish, you can use the controller. Your units are transported in via heavy lifting aircraft. Once the units are on the battlefield, you begin....

Voice commands are the greatest thing ever. They are EXTREMELY accurate, but I will admit, they do have hiccups. Once your units are on the ground, and you are 'in the fight' you have to remember the simplest, yet most effective part of the game. The "Combat Chain" Helicopters kill tanks, tanks kill transports, transports kill helicopters, and the cycle continues. If you follow this chain, it will make your life MUCH MUCH simpler.

Once one player is deemed as "losing" by the game, that player is granted the right to use a WMD as a last ditch effort to gain back some ground. If the losing player doesn't use it, the winning player can't ever use it. But once the losing player uses it, the winning player is now 'free to fire'.

There are 3 WMDs one for each faction. JSF have a 'kinetic strike' Spetznaz (Russians) have a nuclear type weapon, and the Europeans have a laser weapon.

-Game is pure tactics
-Voice commands work great
-Awesome online
-Sounds are great

-Graphics could be better
-WMDs could be a bit more powerful

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Best Console RTS to Date

posted by Blindside (STOW, OH) Apr 20, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

If you're a skilled RTS player this is for you. This game is pure tactics, not a resource gathering, unit rushing game. The basic story of this game is that the 3 major world powers are at war. The Joint Strike Force (U.S.), European Federation (Europe), And the Spetnaz (Russia). When you start the campaign ou do several missions with each faction and then you're asked to choose the faction you want to complete the campaign with. Each faction is well balanced, everyone argues theirs is better though. The Euros specialize in speed and shields and uses electronic based weapons, they are the fastest; the JSF specializes in accuracy and range and have the most advanced units; and the Spetnaz specialize in brute force, damage and armor but they are the slowest.

You choose your battalion, this determines thge number of each unit type you'll get. The unit types are: Tanks, Transports, Choppers, Command Vehicles, Riflemen, Engineers (Rocketlaunchers), Artillery. You can get a max of 6 of each unit 25 total in a battalion (you only get one command vehicle).

The single player campaign is alright, but online is where it is at. A full on-line war, each faction battling over territory. The total amount of wins and losses on a map is calculated at the end of the day and is reflected the next day by determining the maps you will play next. You either win the war by controlling the most territories (this only happens if the war has lasted for months) or by controlling an enemy factions capital. The first faction do to this wins and the war ends.
Each unit can be ranked up, improving their abilities in combat.
-Voice-control is awesome (when they work)
-Units and factions are well balanced
-If you like strategy, this game is chalked full
-Controls are easy
-Graphics are decent

-When voice controls fail it can be catastrophic, as in determining the outcome of the game (accidentally launching a nuke on your own units)
-Matchmaking is horrendous (10-20 waits)
-The online battlemap can be sketchy. Sometimes a faction will randomly win a territory.
-Your units can sometimes be downranked randomly, without explanation

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