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Excellent Console RTS

posted by XionKasra (BELLINGHAM, WA) Nov 6, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

130 out of 142 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

This game is only for hardcore tactical RTS players, who are into military battle planning and tactics. This is not a Starcraft or C&C game. It doesn't reply on resource management. Simply put, it's pure tactics.

Good Points:

1) Good graphics
2) Good game play, best RTS on console to date
3) The multi-play ability to join a faction and then join in an online World War III is just amazing.
4) Single player as well as multi-player are well executed. You can play through the campaign, or skirmish, or partake in the huge online WW3. Either way you like to play it's here.
5) You can customize your Armies camo as well as provide upgrades, so there is a real incentive for keeping troops alive between battles.
6) I could go on, but it's time to talk about the CONS

Bad Points:

1) Although the voice commands are done very well, every once in awhile you still have to repeat an order, which is frustrating in the heat of battle
2) You on field camera is attached to your units, so other then using the top down map, you don't have any other way of getting an eagle eye view of the battlefield
3) I can't seem to find a way of turning the tutorial messages off, maybe there is, but I haven't found it yet
4) I disagree with some of the unit balancing, for instance, attach helicopters should be more powerful

So the up shot is, other then some minor grips, this is an awesome near future RTS for consoles which any modern military strategist should check out

Why not rent it? you have gamefly!

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Modern Strategy

posted by solomonC (BURLINGTON, NC) May 8, 2011

Member since May 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

One cannot compare this game to battle for middle earth, because they are not ver similar. This game, tom clancy's endwar, is very good. the storyline is clever, the graphics are excellent, and it is not complicated or hard to understand. plus the voice feature really completes it, allowing for quick and simple commands, such as 'unit 7 secure bravo' or 'calling all riflemen attaack hostile 6'.

First off, the mechanics. The voice command system is very good, yet sometimes doesn't work. However, the voice is not toatlly necessary to play the game, but highly recommended. 9.7.
The graphics are outstanding. 9.8.
The audio is very good, even if some of the accents are cheesy or hard to understand. 8.
The gameplay almost never gets boring, wiht minor glitches here and there, such as units going through each other and the voice system not understanding commands [especially when using a 'unit 10' command]. It doesn't involve building things or resourc management, and tactical options remain very open as rewards for success such as capturing uplinks or defeating enemies. the three different countries do have idfferent abilities, but nothing too special. the arsenal includes riflemen, engineers, tanks, transport, command vehicles, gunships, artillery, wmd, electronic warfare, air strikes, reconnaisance, and other things. 9.5

i was shocked at the lack of bad things to say about the content. First off, not a naked person or sexual comment anyware. Secondly, bad language was kept to a minimum. There was no blood, at least any i saw, and the violence was less than a normal shooter. Well done ubisoft and tom clancy. PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY! i've FOUND A GAME i LIKE THAT DOESN'T HAVE TOO MUCH BAD STUFF!


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Above Average

TC: End War

posted by blitz187X (VANDALIA, OH) Dec 1, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

34 out of 40 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

1.The game is completely at the mercy of your voice+if you dont have a mic the game is very managable w/o one.
2.mastering both will help you move quicker in the game.
3.infantry mean something: No more tanks win everything, use infantry in cover to dominate everything.
4.Theatre of war:very cool in how it takes all the results of the days battles and puts them on a map to show result. (overtaken territories)
5.Combat chain makes everything realistic. (unit beats a certain unit)

1.Artillery is a pain in the butt in the hands of ppl. who abuse it.
2.highly upgraded units defeat the combat chain. very lame to some new ppl.
3.units can sometimes make mistakes in orders and take the worst possible route to the target. ex. minefields, infantry traps.

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