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To Die For


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GF Rating

26 ratings

Movie Details

  • Release Date 2/26/2009
  • Studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Platform PSP Movies
  • Genre Drama

Language, Strong Sexual Content

Movie Description

Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) may live in a small town, but that can't stop her from having big dreams. Stone doesn't want to see her name in lights, she wants to see herself on TV. She's going to be the next Katie Couric, and she's dead set on making it happen. So dead set, in fact, that she's willing to kill her husband (Matt Dillon) to get what she wants. In this clever dark comedy, Stone uses her wiles to convince a local teenager (Joaquin Phoenix) to help with the job. As news about the case comes out, Stone gets exactly what she wants. She becomes a national sensation, less by delivering the news, and more by making it.

Specs & Requirements

Director Gus Van Sant

Theatrical Release Date 1995

Languages English

Screen Format 1.78:1

Subtitles English