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Titanfall redefines the FPS genre.

posted by Axion5 (CONVERSE, TX) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Apr 2009

Respawn did a fantastic job on titanfall. I have played about ten hours so far and do not see my self playing much else. The action os non-stop and the duel load out is great. Your titan is just as much a part of the game as the pilot.
The best part is no spawn issues.
No camping
No getting shot around corners
Titalfall is a beautiful game. The xbox 360 graphics are top notch and the game play is fluid and a refreshing addition. Can't wait to see what is DLC.

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God Save the Queen (And this old school gamer too)

posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Feb 2012

In my opinion it should have been more than well pointed out that this game had no what,s called single player mode. I had the misfortune of pre-ordering and purchasing this game because of all the hype. I love a good shooter game and have played other games where multi- player was mentioned but was still able to play by myself, I am now scambling to trade this game off for another game and still not lose too much money on it. I pray multi-player only is not the ultimate future of shooter games, If it is, I wasted a bunch of money on buying the Play-Station 4 and will definitely hold off on buying the XBOX One, right before I bought the Play-Station 4, on the internet they were saying disc game versions were good to be made for the next 10 years or so, now the way they are talking they may gone long before that. Thanks like always Game-Fly See-Ya! Billy in Samson P.S. I had absolutely no control over stopping chatter from players coming thru their servers (EA servers ), Basicly I was at the mercy of the EA servers on more things than one.

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c.o.d, crysis, lost planet

posted by chaotic1121 (ARVADA, CO) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Mix these three games and you have titanfall... Cloak and power suit from crysis, the titan is just a glorified lost planet rig, and the gamplay is run and gun fast paced just like c.o.d... Shooters have to have something fresh to be interesting if at all playable.. The genre is so worn out with games like halo, c.o.d and battlefield, any "new ideas" just seem to be rinse and repeat.. Titanfall is another fps with ins of hype but no follow through.. Only three titans with limited pilot and titan upgrades, old worn out game modes called something else to make you think its fresh with words like 2nd Gen pilot instead of 2nd prestige.. Will probably be loaded with micro transactions and dlc to make you buy the game twice or even three times over.. Its funny that people stand behind hyped games because they were so sure that this was the next big thing.. Sorry titanfall and respawn games.. Gets really boring and repetitive fast.. This is why gamefly is great.. I didn't have to waste money find out this game is no good

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