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Decidedly Average But Still Fun

posted by pir8pat (DELMAR, DE) Mar 5, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Blurb: A decent shooter with a fun twist brought down by lack of imagination, short campaign, and a dead MP component.

Gameplay: The gameplay for timeshift is fairly tight with no major problems encountered during my playthrough. If you have played any FPS games you should feel comfortable with the controls in this game. Key to the game is the ability to control time which was really fun for the first portion of the game but become stale as I progressed into the game using the same stop time, snipe, cover to regen time powers routine. The game was not very challenging after getting time powers but was a fun change of pace from regular FPS games.

Immersion: The story in this game was almost non-existent. Your character is a nameless voiceless character and the story is told through disjointed cutscenes that made little sense and were sometimes short and pointless. With your time powers you do feel like a super being but there is little that will make you feel invested in the game.

Graphics: Graphics were ok for its age but tended to be fairly bland and non-descript and the game reused one level. At times it was difficult to see key things such as ladders or enemies in the environment but nothing was enough to bring down the game too much.

Playtime: On skilled (Normal) difficulty the game will not last long. It took me six hours to fly through the campaign. The multiplayer side is dead and I was unable to find any matches to play. The MP will not let you explore maps solo either as a minimum of two players is required to start a MP game. Outside of achievement hunting their is little reason to replay the game as it becomes very repetitive towards the end.

Achievements: The single player achievements are not too difficult too acquire and will come through normal gameplay. Due to no
MP those achievements must be boosted and one will require a minimum of 48 hours of in game time.

Bottom Line: If you got nothing else on your que then go ahead.

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posted by stealdeathrain (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 24, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

no depth...

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posted by parttime (PASADENA, MD) Jul 31, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

I would not recommend renting this game and definitely do not buy it

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