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Underrated in my opinion

posted by Glitch78 (INDIO, CA) May 10, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Hey guys, Glitch here. Now I know what your thinking, "Oh my god! Who likes this game, it sucks!" Let me reply by saying this, I love it.

First the bad:

The game is pretty short.

Story is really bad, and only serves only as a method of pushing you forward through a few levels.

Character modles could use real work.

The call you "the Suite guy," What!

Wepons are pretty standard.

Controls are REALLY weird (Left trigger= Primary fire)
(Right trigger= Alt-Fire) (Right trigger= Iron sights)

Super steryotipical.

You have no name, none. (All you get is when Krome calls you "doctor")

Now for the good

The graphics are awsome, truly Next-Gen.

Your suite looks really cool.

All wepons have an Alt-Fire. (from grenade attachments, to zooming in on scopes)

The time shifting powers are really cool. (Time slow, Time stop, Time rewind)

When time stopping on certain levels, you can see individual raindrops freeze, awsome.

It is actually very challenging, you will need to take cover, or die. But it's the fun kind of hard.

AI is suprisingly better than I thought it would be. They'll take cover, jump through windows to flank you, and throw clutch grenades at you with deadly efficiancy. (The game says there are like 3 grenade types but I only threw like 3 clutch grenades because I was using Time slow for most of the game)

The battles are mostly on a gigantic scale. Especially the last boss battle.

And for a final good thing, the game is just to fun!

On a final note, the game is underrated, in my opinion.

Brief, yes. But I hope you can at least rent it, you won't regret it. (If your like me.)

From fellow gamer,

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GF Rating


All in all just average

posted by Papadop (STAFFORD, VA) Nov 2, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

11 out of 14 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

Pretty visuals with some choppy moments of play. Plenty of explosions, but repetitive fighting. Not much variety, just a gimmicky time control suit. This game only sets itself apart with the time control system, and some pretty cool weapons. Other than that its a decent, but standard first person shooter. Rental only, but I guess that's why you got gamefly.

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posted by darkstrike (BRISTOL, RI) Jan 15, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I thought this game was really awsome. I dont know what the other people are thinking. The time powers are awsome and fun to use. The only thing that kinda sucks is when you are using a time power you move slightly slower too. But the rest of the game is awsome. There are a wide variaty of levles and a few different guns. I would deffinitly rent this game.

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