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Not the Worst Game I've Played

posted by DaMikeSC (COLUMBIA, SC) Dec 7, 2007

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For a game that was in development for, roughly, 5 years (whose original demo did come out for the ORIGINAL X-Box), you'd expect a lot more out of this game than you get. It's not BAD, per se, it's just --- well, brutally average. Viciously mediocre, even. But, rather than me sitting here and griping, let's look at it.

In Timeshift, you are the wearer of the Beta Suit which allows you to control time for everything around you, but which leaves you untouched and unbothered. Time manipulation, I fully believe, will end up becoming a massive game play element in the future, but right now, it tends to be gimmicky as can be and, well, Timeshift hits the gimmick with gusto. You can pause, slow down, and reverse time.

And the game does have some pretty nifty tricks. It is always fun to pause time, run up, steal an opponent's gun and stick a grenade on him. Thankfully it is fun because you do it A LOT. The problem, though, is that the gimmick is so barely explored. The puzzles are so similar --- either pause time to allow to cross a see saw or reverse time to ride a crate across a warehouse. There are nearly infinite cool puzzles one could develop with this gimmick and the developers, sadly, decided to go with some of the easiest ones.

The weaponry is standard, but enjoyable. You get shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles. You also get clutch grenades, which are a lot of fun. Plus EMF cannons, thunderbolt crossbows (which become your sniper rifles of choice before long) and pulse rifles as you get deeper into the game. The aim never seems to really hit the sweet spot and, too often, you feel as if you are fighting the aim rather than playing with it.

The story is the usual dystopian future one where some megalomaniac manages to gain total power and you're part of a small underground force seeking to topple him. A little bit of a cliche, to be honest.

The game won't blow you away, but there are worse ways to spend some time than playing this.

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Good "Filler" Game

posted by therealmcc (RAYMOND, MS) Oct 31, 2007

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58 out of 70 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This is a good filler game for anyone that is bored, because its just good for a rental. The time freezing/slow down/etc is pretty neat, but it gets kinda old kinda fast. If you like FPS this will be a game you will enjoy until you beat it, once you beat it, it is over, no replay value at all...

But its a good game to rent! :)

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Very Good

Great game but, could be better

posted by McOwned (RENO, NV) Nov 3, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

38 out of 47 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

Let me start of by saying this is a great game. The concepts are great and the ideas were their but it needed to be polished just a bit more.

Goods: The graphics were fantastic and seeing the rain stop or slow down was just a trip on its own. Another great thing about this game is the whole idea about controlling time and just having a great time messing with such a cool skill. The online play is fun and the whole idea that the aspect of time is at your control in multiplayer is cool and enjoying.

Bads: The things I found a little annoying in the game was that it really had no in depth story line. I never got to really meet the character and who he was or why hes traveling back in time. Another thing about the game that I thought need more work was the fact that after getting the cross bow the game became way to easy even while playing on the max difficulty. One thing that I thought needed more work was that the A.I. just wasn't smart enough. Now what I mean by this is the A.I. liked to charge out in the middle of the battle field and this usually ended with me blowing them into small pieces. What was also a downside was that the suit has a special system in it were it automatically selected your time skills for you. This became very annoying later in the game when I wanted to do something a certain way but the suit prevented me from doing it.

But over all I found this game very enjoying but short (8-9 hours)

I would surely give this game a rent.

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