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GF Rating


Good, but maybe not for everyone

posted by BloodyButterfly (LINCOLN PARK, MI) Apr 18, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I have a love/hate relationship with NIS America. On one hand, I love their games themselves. RPGs with generous use of dating sim mechanics is a plus for me. On the other hand, the company seems to have a habit of not properly and fully testing their NA releases (Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica and Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love being good examples) for playability issues. It's for this reason I was hesitant to play this at first...

So far it doesn't seem to have the issue that causes the hate half of my relationship with the production company. But I'm not done yet, and Melody of Metafalica's major issue was near the end of the game (a game breaking glitch in the penultimate boss) so it could be that I just haven't found it yet.

But overall, like other games I've played from the company,I enjoy it. It has its issues (like the stilted animation in conversations as many other reviews have mentioned), but it has a very interesting story and unique gameplay that while it took some getting used to at first,I actually enjoy now that I've gotten the hang of it. I picked up a copy of my own from my local GameStop (getting it for free on a buy two get one free deal is always better than spending the money to keep my rented copy from the site XD), and while I don't think it will appeal to everyone (either because of the genre, gameplay, or whatever other reasons) I think it's at least worth a rent to see if it appeals to you rather than assuming it's awful because it didn't appeal to some others.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Different, funny, perverted.

posted by Koopabralibur (LAKEWOOD, CO) Apr 2, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

The rating of this game had me a bit confused as I played it further and further. There is actually quite a few sexual references. It's rated T for teen but the main character is kind of a pervert. Nonetheless, it's a funny, adorable game. The game has an interesting plot, a wonderful art style, and an excellent soundtrack. Overtime, you may tend to get tired of the game due to how repetitive it can be. I'm not going to go ahead and spoil the game, but just as soon as you believe the game is about to end--boom, another part. You'll appreciate the amount of content, but when the game just begins to sit there and give you the same fetch-type quests, you'll get tired of it. There is a hammy (hamster) quest from the same little girl. She constantly loses her hamsters and tells you to retrieve them. Throughout the progression of a chapter, you'll randomly stumble upon them. Another thing to note is that the game is not very hard at all. You only get the option of "Easy" and "Normal." There is only really one point in the game that is extremely difficult, but through strategy, you'll get through it. All in all, there are alternate endings in the game. I'm not aware of how many there are. I do know that your dialogue choices do not affect the ending of the game until the very few choices nearing the end of the game. I feel as though the entire point of this game was to test out a new style of playing as well as to focus on the story. I also do not see a need for you to input your name into the main character due to it's lack of use in the game. Overall, I felt that I did get my money's worth out of this game. I had a play through lasting over 25 hours, just doing must of the side content. As I said before, it does get repetitive, so I ended up skipping quite a lot of dialogue in the end as well as battles.

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GF Rating


The dimensions of this game are wrong...

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Mar 10, 2014

Member since May 2010

This game features 2 dimensional spites on a 3 dimensional areas that come across as cheap! Characters are 1 dimensional stereotypes of Japanese anime.. Nobody ever shows character development either..
A large portion of this game are just overly simplified over world maps and menus, It takes forever to install this game and it takes a long time to uninstall... I wish the characters were more likeable, but they aren't.. Towa's portrait on the Affection screen is one of the highlights of this game given that she isn't wearing clothes.. Combat is 2 dimensional as well, and this game can't for the life of it can't shake that cheap and shallow feel to it.. Enemies are palate swaps of each other, and every character that has animation has only a relative few frames which again seems cheap... Wait till the price hits 5 or 10 dollars if you are interested in obtaining this game! Try before you buy!

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