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Time Splitters 2

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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Am I hurting you or not? Wait.. how'd I die?

posted by ArcadeGuy (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 27, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

It's hard to keep track of what's going on in the deathmatches. You can barely tell when you take damage or when you successfully damage opponents. It's like a NERF fight in your backyard but with people randomly passing out every once in a while.

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the 1st one sucks so does the 2nd one

posted by zeldakix17 (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Apr 13, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

when aiming with a sniper it gets tricky plus the 1st one had more gore this one not so much it's to cartoony this game is not fun plus are they trying to compete to the original golden eye for the n64? it looks very close the heath and the armor looks the same and the music looks like and feels like a golden eye rip off this game is not fun I can't believe the ESRB (ENTERTAMINT SOFWARE RATINGS BORED) rated this A "T" it should be "E" it's stupid like the pc game "doom" and it plays like a kids game AND was'nt the 1st one rated "M" why make the change rating?

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Above Average

You should still try this game

posted by BennyBoy (MOORESVILLE, NC) Sep 14, 2006

Member since May 2006

I have heard that this was a legendary shooter but I was slightly dissapointed. However, this game does have it's strongpoints.
This game is like every shooter you could want in one. It has Military Commando, Gangster, Aliens, Zombies, Western, Future stuff, Jungle, and other stuff, each time period with its own set of weapons. I also liked the multiplayer modes and arcade games because of the unique game modes.
However, I found the levels hard to navigate and the objectives weren't described well enough. There's an incoherent story (which allows for the variety). I didn't like the control settings because it is hard to use precision aiming. I do recommend that anyone who hasn't tried this game should try it though because they may like it better than me. I would recommend James Bond Nightfire instead though.

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