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Time Splitters 2

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Anaconda mini-game in 1990 Oblask Dam Siberia level

Play the level on the normal difficulty setting in story mode. Once you get across to the other side of the dam and go into the other building with all the shelves, look to something that resembles a Nintendo 64 game cartridge on the first shelf. Walk over and pick it up. It will be in your inventory as "Anaconda". Highlight it and press A to play the game.

Astro Lander mini-game in 2019 NeoTokyo level

Play the level on the normal difficulty setting in story mode. After following the hacker to her secret hideout, use her password to enter the TimeSplitter research area. Once inside, go into the room at the end of the hall. Inside is a laptop and a group of lockers. Two of the lockers will open. Inside one is a sub machine gun. Inside the other is the arcade game Astro Lander. It is on the floor of the locker and resembles a Nintendo 64 game cartridge. Select "Astro Lander" from inside your inventory. A small menu will appear with Astro Lander and two other areas. After playing it or turning off your Gamecube, select your temporary uplink (in story mode) and press A to play Astro Lander or any other game you may have found. RetroRacer mini-game: In the 2315 Robot Factory level on Hard difficulty a cartridge can be found in the bunker with armor underneath one of the ramps. Under the other ramp is a RetroRacer cartridge.

Go outside the Ufobia level

Fall down onto the three UFOs. Go on to the third UFO and jump into the door below you. This should take you outside the level, but it may take some practice. Although you cannot see everyone else, they can see you and shoot you. You cannot shoot them.

Drone Gun zoom

Play a level where you can take over a Drone Gun (for example, The Training Grounds). Make sure you have both the minigun and Soviet S47(x2) available. Walk up to the Drone Gun's controls and switch from minigun to Soviet. Quickly activate the Drone Gun before the Soviet appears and hold L. You should now have a small amount of zoom available that you would not normally have.

Destroying camera

Shoot the screen of the camera. This causes it to blow out, conserving your ammunition. For turret cameras, shoot the tip of the barrel since there is no screen.

Fire extinguisher

When you are on fire and have a fire extinguisher, point it down and spray while running. You will have extinguished your own fire.

Kill Zombies faster

When a zombie comes after you, shoot it in the head.

2019 Shortcut for Neo Tokyo

In story mode, as soon as you start the level, jump off the side of the platform that you are on. You will appear about 40 seconds away from the lab, instead of having to go through the place with the guns; and instead of three or four cameras there will be only be one or two remaining.

2315 Robot Factory Racer mini-game

Play the level under hard difficulty. Under one of the ramps is the final mini-game cartridge.

Faster reloads

Some guns have slower reload times than others. Instead of pressing Reload, press Next Weapon quickly followed by Previous Weapon (or vice versa). When you switch to a new weapon and go back to it, the weapon will automatically be reloaded.

Timed mines

In a level where you get timed mines (preferably Siberia, since it has zombies), you can throw a mine onto an enemy and it will make them explode. The effect is better with a zombie, because if you hit them with two (one on the head and one on the chest), it will blow them apart.