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Tiger Woods PGA Tour


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Gameplay Controls

Tiger Woods PGA Tour


Power Boost: To get extra distance on your shot, quickly drag the stylus up and down over the Boost Meter before swinging. When you remove the stylus, the power level slowly drops until you hit the ball.
Backswing: Position the stylus on the Swing Path, then drag downward toward the bottom of the display ball. Shot Power is set by how high up you begin the Swing Path . Remember, the lie of the ball modifies the strength of the shot. You can take the stylus off the Touch Screen during the backswing to cancel your shot.
Downswing: At the bottom of the Swing Path, push the styulus upward through the display ball in one smooth motion continuing from the backswing path. Accuracy of your shot depends on the angle with which you strike the display ball.
Ball Spin: To apply spin to a ball in flight, drag the stylus across the display ball in the direction you want to spin, after your swing. The more you drag, the more the ball will spin.

Touch Screen Highlight Option. Select Option (Double-Tap Option).
Control Pad Highlight Option
A Button Select/Next Screen
B Button Cancel/Previous Screen
R Button Extra Function (Screen Specific)

Touch Screen Aim Shot
Control Pad Aim Shot. Precision Aim for Putting.
A Button Open Touch Swing. Putt Ball.
B Button Reset Shot/Exit Touch Swing
X Button Open Pocket Caddy
Y Button Select Shot Type
L Button Cycle Clubs
R Button Cycle Clubs
Start/Pause Pause