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Should be a 8 or a 9 but its a 1!!!

posted by Brnhornet (ROSEVILLE, CA) Apr 13, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

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This game is a 1 for the follow reason...DLC!!!! Not that it shouldn't or cant have DLC courses but playing the season mode I got to the 3rd week and bam I cant play a course in season mode because I don't have it...This is not how DLC should be...Its the season so it should have all the courses of that season any extra or classic/fantasy courses can be DLC but not season mode courses....Whats next EA I wont be able to play week 3 of Madden because I dont have the AFC Central DLC pack!!

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Get your wallet out!

posted by Grease_Monkey (RIVERSIDE, CA) Jun 13, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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Online pass? REALLY? Don't I get that by paying for Xbox live? After you buy online pass you may then PURCHASE an ANNUAL subscription to EA sports SEASON TICKET. Oh, did I mention the coins? No? You'll need coins to buy pins. Hole pins, for a "bonus" at that particular hole. Boost pins, for your clubs, driver, power, accuracy, putting, there's even a pin for the WIND. $60.00 to buy the game new, more REAL $$$$ to buy "online pass", even more REAL $$$$ season ticket, more $$$$ for Microsoft points, More $$$$ for xbox live........ that's a must have! If I knew I was going to spend this much money to play Xbox golf I would have grabbed my clubs and played a round at Torrey Pines for real. This is EXTREMELY OUTRAGING! VERY DISAPPOINTING!

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Not Very Good

posted by R3C0NXD45 (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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I really liked the first tiger woods when it came out for the first time on XBOX 360. To be fair I haven't played one since, am not an avid golfer, and don't play many sports games.

That being said, I didn't find the controls to be very consistent. What I mean is I didn't apply any conscious changes but the shots varied WILDLY. Putting was absolutely the worst aspect of this.

All of this pales in comparison to the EA get rich quick scheme of paying for EVERYTHING in the game. I'm not a huge fan of DLC and yet I don't really hate it when it's justifiably valuable. Everything that "comes" with the game has to either be played for or paid for. That is the kind of greedy ridiculous thing that makes me sick. I don't mind paying for extra maps on COD too, too much when they are great maps. I don't like having to pay for what should have (and technically did I suppose) come on the disc. Cd's are $10-15, dvds are $5-20, blu rays are $5-40 (the steep end reserved for super new, super popular overpriced tv shows) and even the "junk"iest (thanks a lot parental censors) games come out for $60. That's not enough for you? well suck it developers, gamefly welcome to some consistent business for me. I'd much rather pay what I pay here for the chance to send "junk" (thanks again parental censors) like this right back than $60 bucks so I can deal with the hassle of ebay or the fact that gamestop doesn't ever give more than $30 and it's usually closer to $8.

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