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Greatly improved

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Apr 2, 2012

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This game is better than last years game, thank god they improved the putting. That was the thing i hated most about last years game. The graphics are great as usual and i love the new country club too. This game is alot of fun, the kind you can play for hours and not realize it. Isnt it funny how Tiger won the tournament the day before thi game was released, you know that will help this game sell better. To those that enjoyed last years game, your gonna love this one for sure.

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Move Frustration

posted by nerdkilla (SAN JOSE, CA) Apr 10, 2012

Member since Aug 2005

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I loved tiger woods 09, hated 10 and 11, never played 12, and this year decided to give 13 a try now that the ps move has had some time to work out the kinks. Unfortunately, It's still not very good.

The game offers hints while playing the game on how to control the move, but no real tutorial. I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to be standing perpendicular or parallel to the ps eye, but trust me, I've tried every way I can stand in front of this thing and no technique has worked any better than the previous one. Furthermore, a lot of the time the screen tells me I'm not in view of the camera no matter where I stand and how bright the lights are in the room, yet I can still take a shot.

Another frustrating thing is the inconsistency of the shooting mechanics. For example, off the tee my shots are usually registered as under swung, slow shots, but when my player is on the fringe of the green and I've set my shot up to be a little chip, I pull back the move controller just a little bit past my back foot and give a little tap to the ball, and it goes flying 130yds, over the flag, over the grandstands, and out of bounds. Now I don't know if Tiger Woods can do it, but from my experience I know a ball is not gonna fly 130yds when my club never swings above my waist. If I try to compensate and hit even lighter, which is completely unrealistic by the way, the shot goes 2ft in front of my player.
After several frustrating hours of trying to figure this out, I've come to the conclusion that this is not a fun move game. It takes longer to set up a shot in this game than it does to finish a hole on one of these courses in real life. Not fun. Not a good simulation. If you prefer playing with a regular controller, it's not bad. Just boring.

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Very Good

Tiger Woods PGA 13: overall pretty good

posted by Ncristella (MERIDIAN, ID) May 4, 2012

Member since May 2012

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The game itself is very accurate and enjoyable. I don't want to kill the game because of its small fee charges, but it does kill the game. Players now have to pay for small aesthetic enhancements such as shirts and clothing. Not to mention its 10 dollars to play online after you've already purchased the game.

A 2 day trial pass is given for the game and it doesn't equal much. Players I've played with, who likely no little of golf, and just like madden are able to "master" the game into oblivion to a -23 under par on a 18 hole course. I'm ok at games and hit -16 under, but it doesn't justify purchasing an online pass at that point. Sounds like EA is trying to boost Xbox back into play. Why? I wonder, as it has negated its own industry to pursue what was easily known at the time as faulty and low hardware consideration.

Continuing, the game itself is rather accurate and playing on your own is more enjoyable then not. When beginning such aspects of the game can be considered annoying as equipment and attributes are far lower then the needed accuracy of courses such as the Masters, Wind and conditions are often times far to strenuous on a routine basis, and the typical day shows plus 20 mile hour winds. The Selection of courses is excellent and the feed back and gameplay is quite good , though they could make certain aspects more exciting at time the game is a quality 8.

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