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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters


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Good Gameplay, very bad Greed

posted by Cody0r (RICHLAND HILLS, TX) Aug 1, 2011

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This is the first time I have played any of the games in the Tiger Woods series, and what is there is pretty good. The controls are nice, the graphics are awesome but there are some pretty big gaps.

1. The putting is flawed from a 3 ft and closer. If there is any slope these are some of the hardest putts to make which is completely inaccurate.
2. To have to download courses to play is extremely GREEDY by EA. If you are in a tight points race, you can lose by not participating in events because you haven't purchased the course. These are not cheap and cost as much as it would for me to buy this game from Gamefly. This is the only reason why this game will be going back.
3. The load screens take entirely too long. After you complete each hole the load times take about as long as it took me to finish the last hole. The graphics make this game but I would rather it be less polished in exchange for shorter loading times.
4. The caddie who suggests almost every shot will sometimes just not give you anything to aim for. I know this happens sometimes until your knowledge of the course gets better, but this should never happen during putts and it does.

With that said there are a lot of positives:
1. Gameplay, graphics, and sound are very good and the courses look amazing.
2. The Mid-round saving option is very nice because playing 18 holes is very time consuming.
3. The ability to advance without having to watch the entire shot is very nice, I like not having to watch every drive in its entirety.
4. Progression in skills and in sponsors makes you want to keep playing, the Pins are also a nice touch.

Overall: Enjoy this as a long term rental then send it back. Don't buy the courses because EA needs to learn that we will not tolerate this design. It is a good game minus a few over sites and glaring greed.

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Another Almost

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Sep 19, 2011

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Well This started out with a chance but then the same old problems become evident,like the "Ball only flies about 2 thirds of the distance over water as it does over land,Then theres the "Your Caddie" doesnt have any Idea what most of the shots are then theres the Ball does not roll the way the green shows,ect,ect. This is Just more Sloppy programming which is getting to be a Normal thing anymore no one wants to have to do more then they need to get paid and nothing more

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Beter than ever!

posted by tjritter79 (READING, PA) Apr 5, 2011

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The graphics and presentation are the best ever seen in a TW golf game.While the create player options still have a lot to be desired and the menu system is tedious at best, the game is both challenging to experienced players as well as easy for 1st time players due to the caddie additions which give you multiple (in some cases) options for shots. The caddie learns as you learn so dont expect A-1 advice the 1st time through, you do better lining up your own shots early on rather than relying on the caddies recommendations. The drawings of the courses are nearly photo-quality and done really well, especially the Masters course itself! One annoying fact that seems to be the norm these days is certain courses & golfers are available as purchase (MS points) rather than being attainable as an award or progress through the game. Why this didn't get a 10? Certain holes on some courses the audio describes as a par-4 while the course is actually a par-5...this should have been corrected during development and may be rectified as a patch later.There is a hurry-up mode which can get you through a round in less than a half-hr in case your pushed for time.

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