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In depth look

posted by Killermandude (MASON, OH) Mar 22, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

I don't have anything to compare this to - so this review will be objective, as if it's the only game of it's kind.

Overall - A lot of fun, 3 very unique different parts of sinking a shot (The power drive, the accuracy to get it on the green (or get out of rough/sand trap), and putting). Putting is my favorite, you get 1 preview of where the ball WILL go - then you have to correct from there and hope it works). And of course all the game modes you could want. Multiplayer (on or offline), practice mode, challenge modes, career mode, and free play. Graphics DEFINITELY leave a lot to be desired, all I have to say about that.

Mutliplayer (not live) - MOST fun I've ever had playing a game is just setting up 4 players, and tossing around the controller when someones turn is up. Lots of cheering and shouting when someone makes incredible shots.

Multilplayer (live) - What you would expect, it's the same as playing with your friends, but with a wildcard element. The people are either shut ins who play too much, your average player (like me), or the rage quitters. (Lots of rage quitters for a golf game...)

Career - Probably the coolest aspect in my opinion for a number of reasons. Not only do your stats go up if you do well - they go down if you suck (lol). Buy gear to get better stats (not sure why...), practice/challenge modes to raise stats you struggle with.

Sound - The announcers only have 10 sayings, and you'll be hearing them a lot. Same with the crowd (especially when putting... one guy ALWAYS goes "YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!---OHHH....".

and finally...

Weather - This is a hit and miss for me. Some courses will almost always have 20MPH winds, which is very realistic - but very annoying when you're 1-2 strokes away from placing 20th or finishing second. (Annoying not because of the challenge, but because the other golfers have 0 problem with it, like it's not even a factor).

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the graphics were fine

posted by guitargod1 (HUMBLE, TX) Jul 14, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

i dont know why people rip on the graphics so bad.

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this game is ok that stupid part is the putting

posted by cannonwade (TROY, NY) May 17, 2010

Member since May 2010

the putting part is hard i keep missing

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