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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

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Good game, but golf

posted by RussW210 (FRANKLIN SQUARE, NY) Aug 20, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

The game is good, more fun than the PS3/Xbox version (played both). But wow golf is so boring. My 6 rating is because of how boring golf is. I'm entitled to my opinion :) This game did not make golf any more exciting.

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Poor putting style

posted by Tetley (SALISBURY, MD) Jul 6, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

Well, I must say i was a little let down with this game all because of the putting....There is a classic and precise putting style, both of which are much more difficult than the putting style in the TW 2007 game. With the classic and precise style putting, its all about the % of power that you need to get the ball to the hole and it is not difficult to figure out what % you need to make the putts, but is is extremely difficult to actually strike the putt with the percentage you want ...For example, if you have a ten foot putt and a 100% power putt would go twenty feet, you would need to putt the ball at 50% power, thats fine and dandy. Then you go to make the putt and could practice several times and not get a 50% putt. I had putts going 80% and off the green when I was trying to putt it 30% and putts going 30% when I was trying to putt it at 100%....This was very upsetting, and for that, I would not purchase this game

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Must own with motionplus

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Jul 6, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Nov 2006

Well, hats off to Nintendo for letting go of their new accessory being released to be bundled with a non-Nintendo game, nearly a month early no less. EA's effort to make the new gadget to work well shows and I can only hope for this type of support from other 3rd party games.

Single player mode has changed little since the previous installments with the acception of the use of motion-plus to play (or not, traditional controls are available). What makes this game impressive is just how much content there is packed in this game. You have your standard career mode where you can create your own character and level up your abilities and acquire clubs, clothing, and other accessories with stat bonuses. Similar, smaller challenges that unlock courses and golfers, and mini games to just name a few.

The online mode was well thought out. You have your standard Nintendo regulated play with anyone or with designated friends, lobbies that allow up to 4 golfers participate in an ranked or unranked match of the hosts choosing, and my personal favorite, daily and weekly tournaments. Daily tournaments are updated daily and will vary on the course. You golf your standard 18 holes at your own pace, then submit your score and see how you stack up with the other golfers (typically 800-1000 players have participated in the tournys I've done). Weekly tournys usually consist of more than one round of 18 holes.

Then you have simultaneous play which was designed perfect. There is no to very little wait for the other golfers. You all go at the same time and the colors of the other players balls are displayed during the game, and at the end of the round the scores displayed. You can play 18 holes quick and I love that.

EA put a lot of effort in this game. It looks good graphically, the mechanics are great (not perfect) and the online mode gives hours of gameplay. I'm happy to see a 3rd party developer put this much effort on the Wii version of a multi console game.

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