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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

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All you could ask for and MORE!

posted by alec9922 (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Jun 13, 2009

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Being one of those EA Sports games that they put out every year, its logical to worry if they are going to just add a new bow and steal your $60 on past performance.....DONT!

Tiger Woods 10 with its 27 courses and plethora of famous names delivers in ways i couldnt have imagined.

First, the Wii Motion Plus is an excellent addition and works splendidly to create as real a swing mechanic as you would ever want in a video game. Any more realistic and you would be slamming your Wii remote down just like your 7 Iron.

They have improved the putting mechanic, also, making it smooth and frighteningly realistic.

The career mode is excellent, starting you out as a rookie trying to work his/her way onto the PGA tour. You compete in stroke play and match play tournaments which correspond to the real life steps you would make as a Q schooler.

Real named equipment and tons of wardrobe and bells and whistles are impressive if not icing on the cake.

Then there is the Frisbee Golf which we played for hours. What a GREAT addition the game. It was the feature that really got everyone involved and allows the game to be fun for people who may not enjoy golf.

Throw is real time weather--- which is just cool and you have a game which has not only improved on its predecessors but expanded on them in ways that make the game even more inclusive and realistic.

There are many other game modes to keep you busy between chasing Tiger on the PGA tour and playing in online tournaments.

Its the reason to own the Wii Motion Plus.

About as good as you could ever hope in a Wii sports game.

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Gets it on the green

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 11, 2009

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This is my first time with a Tiger Woods game, and I can see why it's such an attraction.
You get everything you'd expect from a sport simulated game - you can play a career in several tournaments, you can go single player over several courses, or your can play those courses multiplayer off line and online.
Problem is, online multiplayer has limitations - either you have to play with friends, or you have to fill out some sort of form or do something to regestier and play online.
But the game doesn't tell me what form to fill or what to do in order to get on board an online multiplayer match against strangers. So I'm stuck in offline mode; but that mode still delivers a lot of fun.
It would be a lot more fun if the controls here weren't so inaccurate. Finding the right place to pull the Wiimote back can be irritating.
Adding to troubles is the putting - which takes a while to get used to. Fact is, I need a full swing, or close to a full swing, no matter how far I'm from the hole (even if it's inches). This is something I haven't seen in any other golf game, nor do I care to see it in another golf game.
Rounding out the title are a bunch of stale mini games (why must they put minigames in these games?) and Frisbee Golf, which I found to be more aggrivating than the standard golfing game.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 gives what's needed, but a few problems here and there tarnsh the shine a bit. This is a defininte rent, and a possible buy.

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This is truly what the Wii set out to do.

posted by wetzel8810 (ELYSIAN, MN) Jun 15, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

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Having played the last few editions of Tiger Woods on Wii I have been dissapointed with the control and response. I can say that this version is much better. It has amazing response especially with the Wii motion accessory. There are a ton of courses. About half you need to unlock. Also with all the extra mini games etc, this makes it a must buy or rent on Wii. The Disc Golf alone is fun. I am anxious to try the others out with a group of friends.

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