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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

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Very Good

my favorite, if not the best, Tiger to date...

posted by MrMunk (KENDALLVILLE, IN) Sep 8, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

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there is definitely alot more depth and personalization in this years Tiger installation. to push it further, next year they will probably have to find a way to actually put you inside the game, but i digress.
the active swing meter and club adjustments make for a great addition to help you improve your game. more courses, more stuff to buy, and more money to make. the addition of Gamernet challenges adds a whole new spin on the game, where you can gain Gamernet points (i dont know yet what for, lol). you can even customize your own challenges for others to attempt. character creation is more detailed then previous titles and, even though i havent tried it yet, i hear the gameface is a pretty good addition. HD graphics are another welcomed addition, yet i have seen a few flaws. somehow, i have a glove that has switched to my right hand and my left hand had completely disappeared. i was actually playing without a left hand. other then that and a couple of slight freezing and delay issues, the game feels pretty solid. this is definitely worth the buy for anyone who is a fan of Tiger.

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Addictive Online Features & Updated Tuning 8.5/10

posted by Neonfrax (BLAINE, WA) Aug 27, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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This year's Tiger Woods is an incredibly deep, addictive, and entertaining game. The game play is fairly unchanged from the previous year; your on-course performance once again increases or reduces your abilities. This year, the controls are a little more forgiving and a live meter in the lower part of the screen gives you a representation of your swing so you know exactly what you're doing right or wrong (NOTE TO EA SKATE 2 DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Please include this feature!).

The online features (which felt a little hackneyed and buggy) are fantastically integrated into this year's game play. As you play along a course, if a player in the world has recorded a record shot on this course, you are given the opportunity to challenge it. Beating someone's shot doesn't automatically replace the challenge, but you get points for doing so and EA servers are constantly keeping track of point totals and rankings throughout the day. So any time throughout the day, you can see exactly who is beating the most records (or who has uploaded the most unbeatable shots of the day).

The only reason, I've dropped the score on this game to an 8.5 from a 9.5 is that it almost seems too easy. Though I'm an average player in previous games, with only a handful of playtime, my simulated golfer was annihilating competition on the PGA Tour and most of my stats were nearly maxed out at 10. It makes me question the replay ability of the game when a poor player like myself is suddenly Super Duffer.

Though maybe it's the because the game gave me good coaching....

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Above Average

Good Game But.........

posted by VRispo (STRATFORD, NJ) Dec 22, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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this is a very good game. the big problem with this game is the fact that you can drive the ball 400 yards and shot in the 50's all the time. this takes all the fun out of playing it for more then a couple of rounds. i really wish they put real golf in this game not drive the green on every par 4. Happy Gilmore was a movie not a real guy. please EA fix this problem

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