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definitely worth a try

posted by zhirkov (DAVIS, CA) Sep 18, 2008

Member since May 2008

let me just say that the one thing that really gets me is all the negative reviews bashing the swing controls/system.

I will lay it down simply like this:

in wii golf you have to gauge how hard you have to swing using the same swing (i.e. same wind up/follow through) which obviously gets pretty boring and mundane after a while. Even if you make a correct shot then its exciting obviously but you don't get the sense of "yeah I really hit a great shot" instead its more like "yeah I really guessed right on that one"

But in tiger woods 09 (ok this might be comparing apples to oranges but im just trying to make my point here) they compensate having to "guess" on the same swing by having you control your back swing for power on certain shots like putting and hitting out of the rough.

With that being said putting is pretty fun and challenging because you have to do the math yourself (i.e. you look at the white line that they give you in preview, make a 100 percent mental snap shot of that and then gauge through your back swing how much of that 100 percent you will need. That is all there is to it other than left, right, uphill or downhill. Unlike wii golf there isnt that multi dot gauge. In addition you really have to work on hitting that fade or draw unlike wii golf which punishes you with a fade or draw for supposedly not hitting it straight. Nice to not have to worry bout that in tiger.

Same thing with shots out of the rough/sand except that you have to do a little bit of more math with the club choosing.

So overall don't let the other reviews fool/discourage you. Don't go out and buy this game either as i don't think its worth the full fifty. But its definitely a game that should be added to your queue. After all you all have to admit tiger woods and games similar are one of the reasons you bought a wii right?

Oh yeah one last thing. Don't bother playing online if you cant hit a draw or fade. You'll most likely get killed

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A long drive... to the face...

posted by Gutzman (CANFIELD, OH) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

Never, EVER put a golfing game on the Wii! Nice thought though :P.

Controls: More messed up then Brittney Spears. Lift the mote too fast, and your driver/putter is flying all over the place. To slow, don't expect much out of your swing.

Game: Besides the messed up (trust me, I want to call it worse names, but can't :P) controls, the game play is nice. The graphics are decent. Party games? You got to be kidding me! I want to GOLF!

Overall, only get this game if you mastered the golf on Wii Sports.

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Wow - unresponsive controls!

posted by ADean3182 (SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MI) Aug 31, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

The previous reviewer has it right on the nose.....SOMETIMES you get a response on a golf swing. I think what they REALLY want you to do is bring back your backswing VERY slow, then swing through the ball at a medium pace....NOT really a golf swing!

Everything is pretty good about the game except for that. Commentating is a little dull, but that's what an iPod is for! :)

My girlfriend and I got bored after the first 30 minutes....and she was whooping me too. Not too many games she can smoke me in and actually get bored doing so! HAH!

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