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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07


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Gameplay Controls

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Control Pad
Up/Down = Switch Clubs. Left/Right = Aiming Adjustment.
A Button
Zoom to Target
1 Button
Select Shot Type
2 Button
Reset Targeting Marker and Shot Type
- Button
Practice Mode. Shot Camera.
Move Targeting Marker
A Button (Hold), then Move Remote to Position Icon Over Targeting Marker, then B Button (Hold to Drag Targeting Marker to Desired Position).
Engage Swing
B Button (Hold), Move Remote Back for Backswing, then Forward for Downswing. Release B Button to Cancel Swing Before Completion.
Hitting the Ball
Swing the Wii Remote as you would a real golf club. Press and hold B Button and swing the remote back. Begin downswing by swinging remote back in the opposite direction.
Control Pad
Add Spin (Press and Hold in Desired Direction and Rapidly Shake Remote)
A Button
Fast Forward to End of Shot (Hold)
1 Button
Replay Shot (Post Swing)
2 Button
Control Pad
Left/Right = Aiming Adjustment
A Button
Ideal Shot Camera (Hold)
Engage Putt
B Button (Hold), Move Remote Back in One Motion Until Backswing is Complete, then Forward to Follow Through with Putt. Release B Button to Cancel Swing Before Completion.
Press and Hold the B Button, Gently Pull the Wii Remote Back to Draw Putter Back, then Repeat the Same Move in the Opposite Direction to Follow Through with Your Putt
Gameplay Note: To use the Nunchuk Swing, plug the Nunchuk into the Remote. Select Nunchuk as your swing style on the screen.
Hitting the Ball
Control Stick Down (to Begin Backswing), then Control Stick Up (to Follow Through with Your Downswing)
Fade or Draw
Putting the Ball
Use Ideal Shot Camera for a Perfect Line of Your Putt
Adjust Length of Putt