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Better on the 360

posted by Jbeebe (BOWLING GREEN, OH) Mar 26, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

Well, For starters, lets go over the good things.

1) They made it for other systems

It would be unfair for me to say why, so here goes. I played the game for about 3 hours and had to take it back(yes I actually went out and bought it, but they let me trade it in for the 360 version). The controls were absolutely horrible. After 3 hours of playing, I was lucky to get the ball to go straight(And I'm really good at this game for the other systems). It's also really hard to take a swing where you have to lay off on the shot. Something just didn't feel right about the controls. I know they put in a setup where you could use the nun chuck to swing, but that completely defeats the purpose of getting it for the Wii. I would say that if you have another system, get it for that one, otherwise, be prepared to spend hours and hours of practice just to get off the first tee.

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not worth it

posted by MCnasty (COTTAGE GROVE, MN) Mar 19, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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First off this game was supposed to be pretty close to what Wii Sports did with golf.

I have found this game to be about as bad as a game can get. In the advanced mode I have not been able to hit the ball straight or with any consistent power. I believe one other guy on here put it that you have to watch tiger on the screen in order to when to go forward. Anyone with any sort of golf accumen would know you never look forward during the swing.

One thing I have tried which is really funny to me. If you take your backswing and then just swing the remote down just a little bit it does the hole swing.

Also in nunchuck style it brings the club into the backswing and does not allow you to switch clubs or shots or anything. To me this is a huge huge thing. This game does not work with the nunchuck....

I have played roughly 3 rounds of this game I have not seen one thing that I like.....

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Tiger Woods PGA Snore 07

posted by Sargespam (NEWHALL, CA) Mar 15, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

4 out of 21 gamers (19%) found this review helpful

First let me say I love golf video games! Always have since the first one. E.A. Sports has always been at the top of the heap in the golf game market, and Tiger Woods is their golf version of Madden football. Always great and better every year.
Hold it, NOT so fast! That stops right here! This game was rushed out way too fast and has so many flaws it's hard to list them all. I'll try to be concise.
It's beginning to look like the Wii is a bust. Nintendo certainly takes it's time getting games out, and so far almost all of them STINK, BADLY! Unfortunately T.W. 07 is another borderline stinker! The controls for hitting the ball work much better one handed, since you must constantly watch the screen to hit the ball accurately. Trying to make an accurate (real) golf swing is absolutely impossible, as the control will not quite synce up with your backswing. Making the game absolutely nothing like playing real golf! Now for the really terrible parts: The putting is awful, with no touch or feel, also NO adjustment capabilities for short or longer putts.Chipping also awful also no adjustments, and nearly impossible with no touch or feeling at all!
If you like playing one handed golf, and hoping your putts go in, because you cannot tell, just swing hard close yer eyes and hope? Well, this game is for you.
Much more was expected of this game it's just not right for the Wii!I'm beginning to wonder if anything is? It needs so much more work on just about everything, what a mess. Ever get the feeling you've been ripped off? Fun for an hour or 2 otherwise Very very dissapointing!

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