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I Liked it Enough to 'Keep It'

posted by FoolKiller (FRANKFORT, KY) Mar 28, 2007

Member since Feb 2005

While the graphics are not comparable to the other systems (it's a Wii) and there is room for improvement on the controls I think this is the best golf game on the Wii to date.

Since no one bought a Wii looking for stellar graphics, because they weren't promised, I will just say that they look to be about like the last version on the PS2. I didn't hold this against the game because I am more about gameplay. If graphics are your #1 desire then skip this game, sell your Wii, and buy a PS3/360. We all knew that ahead of time.

As for the controls and gameplay. It took me a while to get used to swinging the Remote like a golf club. At first it feels about as awkward as the baseball bat in Wii Sports. The Remote just isn't big enough to grab with two hands and the squared edges can make things sore. I wish they would put out some sort of baton-style Remote that is about 2-3 inches longer.

Once I found a grip that I was comfortable with it all clicked. My real life slice is there and I can't hit straight more than every 1 out of 20 shots. It makes competing in the PGA season near impossible, but I know I suck. To look and play like a pro turning down the difficulty is a must until you improve your swing or play one-handed.

I found that swinging harder in my downswing will get me 110% instead of around 100%. But as others have said, your power is determined by the length of your backswing, which is far from natural, but with some work you can make it feel slightly more natural.

My biggest issue is the sensitivity of the remote. In the backswing if I move unsteadily in any other direction it makes my player swing immediately, usually getting 50% power.

Putting is a tricky scenario and completely un-lifelike. You have to practice multiple times per hole, but it can eventually be done.

It is a good first try, but it's a port. Maybe with more time to work on an 08 designed for the Wii instead of porting it over it will be better.

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Above Average

Not for the bad tempered

posted by Jewboi189 (NORTH BELLMORE, NY) Mar 27, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

This game is great and a lot of fun but if you have a bad shot or a bad game it really makes you crazy and mad.

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Not too bad

posted by jackbean (BRAINTREE, MA) Mar 22, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

The premise of enjoying this game is that you have to play it one handed. In fact, the Wii remote is simply not sophisticated enough to distinguish between a good swing and a bad swing.

With that in mind, Tiger Woods 07 is a decent game. While I always liked that 3-click control of old golf games, the Wii remote does introduce a simpler user experience. The only complaint I have is that it's difficult to make a good swing consistently, and the game does not show the user how to improve his swing.

The game also seems to lack in depth. For example, in Hot Shots Golf, the game shows you what kind of adjustment you have to make when your ball is on a slope, or what kind of distance/accuracy penalty you receive hitting from the rough. Tiger Woods 07 either does not have these nuances, or does not give the user enough feedback on these finer points. For every shot that misses the target, I have to scratch my head wondering whether it's my swing, or some mysterious course element that affects the ball trajectory.

After all these rantings, the game is still quite enjoyable. I was able to hit a coupe of eagles and a few birdies along the way, so it's definitely not a frustrating experience for me. Refine the Wii remote sensitivity, put in some gallery, and this game can become highly entertaining when friends come over.

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