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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not impressed...

posted by 2JnaZm (PUYALLUP, WA) Mar 31, 2007

Member since Apr 2004

I've liked all the other TW games, but this one needs to be redone. The controls are the worst part. Frequently it would swing halfway through the backswing (before I even swung forward) and cause a terrible shot usually landing in a hazard. It became so frustrating that I put it back in the mail the day I got it. If they could work out the control issues, this game could be great. Maybe rent it if you want to try another TW game, but don't sat I didn't warn you.

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GF Rating


A Game For Real Golfers Not Button Pushing Gamers

posted by DocMac100 (NASHVILLE, TN) Mar 30, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

This game is exactly what a golf game on the Wii should be, challenging but playable! Why? Because it's a lot like real golf. I suspect that some of the people that didn't like it, and referenced xbox and ps2 are "button pushers".

If you're a real golfer, this should be a lot of fun. If you're a "button pusher", then you're going to find it frustrating.

I only gave it a 7 because the graphics are very dark and not even as nice as Wii Golf.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Wii Tiger Falls Just Short of the Green

posted by Tomeeboy (SPRINGBORO, OH) Mar 28, 2007

Member since Oct 2004

After playing my first Wii golf game, Wii Sports Golf, I was craving a slightly more realistic and robust golf experience. While TW '07 does fill part of the Wii golfing void, it has fallen short in a number of areas. Does the good outweigh the bad, though? If you can overcome some frustrating controls and poor graphics, this game does offer a great deal of replay value and depth for the virtual golfer.

Navigating the game's interface is often a tedious task, consisting of some very counterintuitive design choices. Combined with the game's poor graphics and hard to read text, this can sometimes get frustrating. The bulk of the interface annoyances, however, will be found in the character creation and customization areas. This does not mean that the gameplay is in the clear, though, as it has its own share of poor design choices and control letdowns.

When golfing in TW '07, the first thing you'll likely notice is that the game doesn't really reflect your swing accurately. In fact, it barely reflects it at all. Once a player begins their backswing with the Wii-mote, the on-screen character begins 'charging' their backswing, until it quickly reaches the maximum amount of power (regardless of how far back your swing motion actually goes). This applies to all swing controls in the game, even putting, and really takes away from the golfing feel that games like Wii Sports deliver.

There's a lot of replay value in TW '07, if you can overcome it's shortcomings. Mini games, PGA Tour mode, character creation/leveling, and a ton of licensed courses, clothing, equipment, and golfers to choose from are among some of the features that redeem this game. It could have been a lot better, but it could have been worse too. This game is not as polished in presentation or controls as Wii Sports Golf, but does offer a level of depth that Wii Sports does not. If you were craving a steak, TW '07 is a hamburger. It will do for now, but let's hope TW '08 turns out better!

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