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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

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Best golf game to date

posted by applesauce (SIMI VALLEY, CA) Jan 18, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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Tiger Woods 07 is a big step-up from 06, most noticeable are the graphics. They've almost got it to look like the real thing. The facial features are what they really focused on this time.. it's almost scary to see them look so real!

Anyways, the game play is fun if you're looking for realistic game play. Any fan of golf will enjoy this game.

You can fully detail your golfer and can basically make him look just like you.

One more thing I love, and I know you will, is the crowd. They are 3D, look great, AND you can nail them with the golf ball. Next time you get a little bored of the same ol' same ol', or if you aren't sober, take out your 5 wood, turn 180 degrees, and drive one strait into the little girl cowering as you aim it strait at her face.

This game IS worth the buy. It'll keep you hooked as you try to improve your character.


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This is a golf phenom the best

posted by nodoubt197 (RICHMOND, MO) Mar 16, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

EA Sports rocks the house with this simulation. I've never seen such graphics in a golf game. Feel the pressure in every hole. I had to have it!!! Great game. The controls were very easy to learn and the response was great. Total ball control was the highlight feature. I made some amazing shots with that. The crowd response was a work of art. From the cheering to being struck with the ball. The whole game was on point. Keep up the good work guys. God Bless you all.

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Just More of the Same!

posted by Coleman76 (CINCINNATI, OH) Feb 11, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

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If your a fan of the Tiger Woods series or even a golf fan in general this game is sure to please. There is a slight learning curve for the newcomer with using the analog stick for your swing and putting, but once you've worked on it, you will become accustomed in no time.


- Visuals are outstanding. Most lifelike Tiger yet.

- A lot of customization features allow for the most real-life like players yet.

- Clean Menus and features available along with the all new SportsCenter Updates downloaded via internet and played for you while scrolling through menus is a very cool feature.


- A lot of repeating courses to be played. does welcome a couple new ones, but more or less the same choices.

- Start out with a terrible golfer in career and can be irritating working on building up your skills so that your shots actually go where you want them too. lol

- The new crowds of people are an interesting idea but in the end, I feel it just adds unnecessary appeal to the course and end up hurting the game in the end. Shots that would normally sail past the green can be stopped from reaching OB simply by hitting someone and stopping the ball for you.

In the end, Tiger's rookie performance on PS3 isn't bad but leaves more to be desired. With all this space available on the discs. I think its time for more playable characters and courses. Def. a must play but not must buy, You'd be better off saving 30 bucks and buying the PS2 version if you really do need to upgrade to the new year.

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