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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06


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Not the best!

posted by treyworley (HUNTSVILLE, AL) Apr 13, 2006

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I was not as impressed as i could have been with this game. first of all i hate how you can change the spin of the ball in mid air. That just takes away from the realisticness. Also once you get pro status and can play on the tour it gets very old very quick. It is always the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER. And in career mode its NOT dificult at all!. I would atleast rent it and see for yourself, but dont rush off and buy it cuz you might be dissapointed!

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EA Sports Ruins another game

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Apr 26, 2008

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Why is it that every game that EA puts out isnt any good?
Answer is because they have the worlds most Stupid Programers working for them that has to be the Problem since they got Exclusive rights to Tigerwoods and NFL there wont be a good golf game or a good Football game made. The Only good thing ihave found in this Version of Tiger Woods is that you can Switch the Shot stick from the Left Stick to the Right one. But everything else in the game is Really Bad. I am giving the game a 4 but thats Being Generous.
You cant Play on Tour until you Qualify through the Qualifing School and theres No way You can Take 5th in a round when the game actually will take a good shot and Make it a terrible shot and dont say it doesnt do that because I know it does.
I hit a Ball it hits on the green and rolls UPHILL 10 ft so it rolls off the green into a rough that has never been cut i have seen Wheatfields that were cut shorter then the Roughs even if they are set to short. And if they didnt program the game to be that way then why is it if I hit the ball the exact same way 5 times the ball goes in 5 different places??????? Because thats the way The Morons at EA Programed the Game to be Nothing more then Brain Dead Idiotic Morons thinking they know what Makes a game fun when they dont have a clue about anything. So i give this game 4 but it really deserves a Negative 10
Dont buy this game or rent it because it is just Plain bad, example is the way they have it so when your Hitting the Ball over water it will only go about half as far as one hit over dry land. And that is Just Not real what the Ball is traveling over has nothing to do with how far the Ball will go That is Unless your Playing any of the Tiger Woods games EA has made because in them all of them thats the way it works because EA has the Stupidest Programers in the Business.
But they dont care as long as they are Making Money off their trash

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Above Average

Tiger Woods

posted by Johncena (LOWELL, MA) Feb 15, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

the game is fun but it alright game

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