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Thor: God of Thunder


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Worst 360 game?

posted by Carnage78 (LAWRENCE, KS) May 20, 2011

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I will start this off by saying that I am a huge Thor and Marvel fan. I loved the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and love the characters. That being said this game was the worst game I have ever played on any console. Pointless button mashing,terribly executed combos,clunky,unintuitive controls,a terrible camera,bizzare checkpoints and frustrating degrees of difficulty make this game unplayable. Please dont rent this game. I now have a few more silver hairs from this horrid expierience.

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Bad control

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) May 6, 2011

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Interesting game, I assume follows the movie. there are a few problems with the gameplay. First, the graphics are not really all that interesting. You get an idea on what the background looks like, the doors are all uniform, the bad guys are all uniform. Graphically it does well enough to tell the difference between you and the bad guys. Not really anything else nice to say about it.

You get different moves, that you unlock as you play, using points that are on the rather difficult side to get on purpose. Otherwise the controls are incredibly basic. You get jump, crouch, power and attack buttons. there is a semi annoying ranged attack that may or may not hit anything. Ranged attack might work, if you bother to get a target selected, not easy to do, seems to be tied in with your movement stick. I don't understand that either since it claims to be based on your right stick.

Beyond that, it's your basic button mash, if it works. There is a special attack that takes out armor on your enemy. Doing it is melee, melee, power in that order. It honestly doesn't really work that often. Apparently it is all in how swiftly you can do the three button presses.

Combat, is literally nothing more than mashing melee attacks until they force you to do something else. Which is semi often so you at least have to stay awake. Not to say the game is particularly fun, unless you really enjoy watching a guy running around using a hammer. Not worth a rental unless you want to watch the guy using a hammer.

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too bland

posted by violableishere (BRUNSWICK, GA) Jul 6, 2011

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Thor looked as if it could be good but i just thought it felt too bland and unoriginal. I could play as this same guy in ultimate alliance and get an awesome experience but this just sucks. It gets credit for action, there is a pretty good explosion every time you unleash Thor's might but besides that, everything is basic. You have a button masher with an awkward range attack that i found impossible to use so i couldn't proceed pass the second level. The graphics look like they are from the PS2 era and the controls are very weak. I would not recommend getting this unless you like Thor enough to go through teeth grinding stress.
lasting appeal:3

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